February 28, 2024
Atletico-Go defeats Nacional de Suarez and guarantees the Brazilian in the final

Atletico-Go defeats Nacional de Suarez and guarantees the Brazilian in the final

a Atlético jo In the semi-finals of the Cuba Sudamericana. Against the pulsating Serra Dourada, the Goiás officially won the Nacional (URU) 3-0, today (9), for a return to the quarter-finals and secured at least one Brazilian in the final of the South American competition.

Luis Fernando was the “gunslinger” of the Jorginho team, scoring two goals, a goal in each half. Paralas also scored and Chorin, with three assists, was the “captain” of the Goias team. Atlético-GO won the first leg 1-0.

Nacional star, Luis Suarez accompanied the entire first half from the bench and went to the field immediately after the break, instead of Gigliotti. The striker came robbed and complained to his teammates after the third goal of Atlético and clashed with athletes from the Goias team.

In the qualifiers, Atlético-GO is waiting for the match between São Paulo and Ciara to face their opponent in the semi-finals. Goiás’ victory also ensures that at least one Brazilian team is out of the South American competition decision, as Dragon will necessarily face a National. With Inter still surviving on the other side of the arc, the prospect of an all-Brazilian final exists.

Atlético-GO returns to the field on Saturday, 21:00 (Brazilian time), to face Botafogo in Nilton Santos in the 22nd round of the Brazilian Championship.

crushing dragon

In front of his fans, Atlético-GO opened the scoring after just five minutes of play. Hainer performed a side kick, Candido stopped it, and Churin got the leftovers and arranged for Luis Fernando to score. The striker also scored the net last week in Montevideo.

With the advantage, Atlético-GO left the ball with Nacional, organized its defensive system and chose the counter-attack. Despite flying around the area, Uruguay’s first chance came in the 21st minute of the first half, with a kick from Gigliotti near the small area, posted by Renan.

The match became more balanced after about 30 minutes. The dragon climbed into his lines, tried to hold the ball more and occupy the attacking field. Meanwhile, Nacional lost ground and no longer threatened Renan’s goal.

In the counterattack, the Brazilians expanded in the Sierra Dorada. In the 46th minute, Churín drove the ball through the midfield and touched a Baralhas pass who, at the half moon, made it 2-0. Goiás almost scored again in added time. Luis Fernando was shot by the left, dribbling the cow on Rocher, but he extended the ball too much.

Wall “Luisito” Fernando and Renan

The second half showed Nacional more in attack – now with Luiz Suarez in the area, rather than Gigliotti – and Altico-Go increasingly closed in their field, waiting for an opportunity to counterattack.

And the one who shone again was Luis Fernando. In the seventh minute, the striker was fired by Churín, and his position at the entrance to the area ended up scoring his second goal of the match. Meanwhile, Suarez complained to his teammates and lamented the Dragon’s goal.

Suarez - Heber Gomes / AGIF - Heber Gomes / AGIF

Luis Suarez, from Nacional, complained in the match against Atlético Go

Photo: Heber Gomes/AGIF

The shirt finished 9 for the first time in the 23rd of the second half, but stopped on goalkeeper Renan. Suarez received from Castro in the area, hit with his left hand and sent it into the hands of a Brazilian archer. In the next move, the Dragon’s No. 12 jersey defended a kick from outside Leo Coelho.

The goalkeeper returned to shine in the 38th minute. Fagúndez turned around in the middle, finished it off, and Renan went for it. The archer replaces Ronaldo, who was injured in the first leg.

Top scorer of the night, Luis Fernando finished tonight’s match on a low. In injury time, the striker left his arm above Diego Rodriguez’s face and received a straight red card.

data sheet:


CompetitionSudamericana Cup – Quarter-finals
date and time: August 9, 2022 (Tuesday), 7:15 pm (Brasilia time)
place: Serra Dorada, in Goiania (GO)
Rule: Dario Herrera (Argentina)
Auxiliaries: Diego Bonfa (Argentina) and Maximiliano del Liso (Argentina)
Video Assistant Referee: German Delfino (ARG)
yellow cards: Leo Coelho (NAC); Jefferson (ATL), Marlon Freitas (ATL), Fagundez (NAC)

red card: Luiz Fernando (ATL)

Objectives: Luiz Fernando, at 5 minutes into the first half and at 7 minutes into the second; Barallas in the 46th minute of the first half

the National: rochet; Jose Rodriguez, Leo Coelho (Lapurda), Marechal, Candido; Diego Rodriguez, Carballo (De Rodriguez), Teresa (Alex Castro); Fagondes, Zabala (Ocampo), Gigliotti (Suarez). Coach: b. repetitive

ATHLETIC-GO: Renan. Hainer, Anderson (Michelle), Klaus, Arthur Henrique (Jefferson); Edson Fernando (Marlon Freitas), Barallas, Jorginho (W. Rato); Leo Pereira, Chorin (Arton), Luis Fernando. Coach: Jorge