June 23, 2024

Atlético-MG is trying Diego Costa again, but he still doesn’t get the super value the striker wants.

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Atlético-MG is trying Diego Costa again, but he still doesn't get the super value the striker wants.

NS Atletico MG He continues to search for employment of Diego Costa. Minas made another attempt to recruit the naturalized Spanish striker, but with one factor still holding back the blow.

The striker and his staff now demand R$2 million per month, which results in R$24 million annually, figures that Minas Gerais consider high, according to Give Confirmed by a report ESPN..

The player’s priority was to stay in European football, keeping financial expectations at the standards there, but among the last to be interested in employment, Besiktas, gave up the deal, according to the local portal ajans sport.

The publication reveals that sports fatigue came to meet and negotiate with Besiktas. In addition to salaries and gloves, Diego also wanted an annual guarantee fee of €4 million (about R$24 million) and an additional €1 million ($6 million R$) when signing the contract.

Thus, Ahmet Nur Sepi, president of the Turkish club, who believed that he already had an agreement between the two parties, got angry at the new demands and preferred to close the talks.

This revitalized Roster’s interest and optimism for a new growth agreement. Diego Costa has been free on the market since December 2020, when he left Atletico Madrid.

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