September 24, 2023
Paris Saint-Germain announces the signing of Messi

Paris Saint-Germain announces the signing of Messi

Lionel Messi He will play for Paris Saint-Germain. Today, Paris Club announced the signing of the Argentine, who recently left Barcelona. Messi will use the 30 shirt, not PSG. The player presentation and first press conference should take place tomorrow. The ace signed with the French club for two seasons, with an additional season.

“I am out of patience to start a new chapter of my career in Paris,” the player said in his first words as a Paris Saint-Germain player.

PSG has not disclosed the deal’s values. According to the information of journalist Fabrizio Romano, Messi They will receive a salary of about 35 million euros (215.5 million Brazilian riyals) per season.

At the new club, Lionel Messi will wear the 30th jersey, the first number he wore when he made his professional debut at Barcelona in the mid-2000s.

The Argentine traveled from Barcelona to Paris on Tuesday to sign for PSG. After landing at Le Bourget Airport, Messi wore a T-shirt with the French club crest on it: “This is Paris.” He waved to the crowd waiting for him at the airport. since yesterday , Paris Saint-Germain fans are also crowded On the outskirts of the Parc des Princes and in the team stores in Paris.

After leaving the airport, the attacker went to the American Hospital in Paris, where he underwent medical examinations. After that, the player went to the Royal Monceau Hotel, where he again waved to the fans.

Later, Messi arrived at the Paris Saint-Germain Parque dos Principes stadium. Club fans gathered when a car stopped at one of the entrances to the stadium. There was a rush and shouting of Messi’s name.

Rendezvous with Neymar

Messi Neymar - Don Emmert / AFP - Don Emmert / AFP
Imagem: Don EMMERT / AFP

In Paris Saint-Germain, Messi will return to the same team Neymar Four years later. The two were teammates at Barcelona between 2013 and 2017. The Argentine and Brazilian formed MSN’s attack on Barcelona alongside Uruguayan Luis Suarez.

Together, Messi and Neymar won the Champions League, the Club World Cup, the Spanish Championship twice, the King’s Cup three times, and the Spanish Super Cup.

Barcelona’s departure

Barcelona announced last Thursday the departure of MessiWho has been without a contract since the end of last season. According to a statement issued by Barcelona, ​​​​the Argentine reached an agreement on a new contract, but the contract was not signed due to “economic and structural obstacles.”

The Spanish club was seeking to reduce salaries so as not to exceed the financial fair play imposed by the Spanish League. In this way, he could formalize Messi’s stay, which he did not.

crying goodbye

Messi Churro - Albert Jia / Reuters - Albert Jia / Reuters

Messi was transferred to bid farewell to Barcelona

Photo: Albert Jia/Reuters

Messi officially bid farewell to Barcelona last Sunday. The Argentine held a press conference at the Camp Nou, was moved as soon as he started talking and said he was “not ready” to receive news that a renewal was not possible.

“I don’t know if I can talk. For the past few days I’ve been thinking and wondering what I could say. I was stuck, and I still am now. This is so hard for me after my age. I wasn’t ready. Last year, when the Borovax mess broke out, I knew what I had to say. But not this year. We were convinced that we would continue here, at home, that was what we wanted the most, especially for the life we ​​had in Barcelona,” Messi began.

“We’ve had good and bad times, but the affection has always been the same. I felt appreciated and loved. I hope I can return the favor at some point, to contribute something and continue to give my best. I’m sure I forgot a lot. What can I say I’m not In the site “.