June 25, 2024

Australia’s ‘black box’ program will collect weather data for future civilizations

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Every time a new search on climate They are published, news headlines are published or tweets are shared, and a giant steel box is mounted on a granite platform in Australia Everything will be recorded.

With its thick steel walls, battery storage and solar panels, “black box” developers say the structure the size of a city bus would be indestructible for the city itself. climate crisis People must live.

Ultimately, its creators hope that the black box will tell future civilizations how humanity created the climate crisis and how we failed or succeeded in confronting it.

“The fund will act as an independent and indestructible record of the ‘health’ of our planet,” said Jonathan Kneppon, artist and director of the Glue Society art association involved in the project. CNN. “And hopefully, it will hold leaders accountable and inspire them to act and react in the general population.”

Although the construction of the enclosure was not completed until next year, hard drives have already begun to record algorithm-based discoveries and discussions from the start. COP26 In Glasgow, Scotland, in November.

‘Black box of Tera“We will record every step we take toward this disaster,” wrote the project’s creators, including researchers at the University of Tasmania and marketing communications firm Clemenger BBDO.

“Hundreds of databases, measurements, and interactions related to the health of our planet will be continuously collected and stored safely for future generations.”

The block of steel will document all past, current and future climate talks and artifacts, including changes in land and sea temperature, ocean acidification, the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, human population, energy consumption, military spending, policy changes and more. .

According to its makers, the box will come packed with storage drives and will constantly download scientific data from the internet, which will be powered by solar panels and the chassis’ storage battery.

The developers estimate that the black box has the potential to store enough data for the next three to five decades and continue their research to increase their storage capabilities beyond archiving and data compression.

Kneebone said the creators are still trying to figure out who will be able to use the chest in the distant future, as accessing it is designed to be difficult and will require advanced technology.

Like the Rosetta Stone, he said, they plan to use various cipher formats, including the mathematical symbolism of their long-range analog inscriptions on steel plates, which will include the instructions needed to decipher the box by anyone who discovers it.

“It is impossible to predict who or what he will find [a caixa], but it can be assumed that it would be of no use unless it was discovered by someone or someone intelligent and civilized, with the ability to understand and interpret the basic symbolism.”

Younger generations can benefit from the project by using it to find solutions because they are more likely to be threatened by future climate change disasters such as landscape-altering wildfires, historical droughts, scorching heat waves and floods that keep getting worse every year.

“It is a very creative way to deal with the most catastrophic potential outcome of the climate crisis, which is to create a ‘doomsday vault’ of data. [climáticos]’,” Vladislav Kayem, a young climate activist from Moldova, told CNN.

Climate Action Tracking Analysis recently warned that with current policies – not being proposed, but what countries are already doing – the world is on a path of 2.7°C warming above pre-industrial levels. Scientists have said that the planet must remain below 1.5 degrees Celsius to avoid the worst consequences of the climate crisis.

The developers of the black box say it can hold politicians and corporate leaders accountable for the way they deal with climate change.

“For me, it shows just how inconsistent there is in the climate space to trust politicians with anything they say,” Chaim said. “It sends a very strong message that the real black box here is in the minds of politicians who have all the means to avoid catastrophe but have decided to continue bypassing responsibility until it is too late.”

Once the black box is activated, the climate data library can be accessed through an online platform. Visitors will also be able to wirelessly connect to the box, which will be located remotely between Strahan and Queenstown, Tasmania.

“We are exploring the possibility of including an e-reader that stays inside the box and will activate after exposure to sunlight, as well as reactivating the box if it goes into a long-term dormant state as a result of the disaster,” Kneppon said.

As the climate crisis continues, the fund could provide a blueprint for a solution many years from now.
How the story ends is entirely up to us, wrote the developers. “One thing is for sure: Your actions, omissions, and interactions are now being recorded.”

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