June 25, 2024

The Peruvian Congress rejected the impeachment of Castillo | Globalism

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The Peruvian Congress rejected the impeachment of Castillo |  Globalism

conspiracy Peru On Tuesday evening (7), the proposal to open the process of impeachment of the president was rejected Pedro Castillo. It was opposed by 76 votes, 46 abstentions, and 4 abstentions. For the process to move forward, you will need at least 52 votes in favour.

It was the fifth political ruling against Peru’s president in the past four years, and recalls similar requests that led to the downfalls of heads of state, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, in 2018, and Martin Vizcarra, in 2020, AFP reports.

The president, who took office just over four months ago, has been targeted after a scandal of alleged government interference in military promotions, which led to a request for his removal. In this case, he was called to testify on December 14 to Deputy Zuraida Avalos.

the movement Submitted 2 weeks ago By three right-wing parties, including Fujimorists, the plenary debate opened in the afternoon, followed by a long debate before the vote.

The discussion on the proposal was postponed because the plenary had previously praised the police and then began questioning the education minister, Carlos Gallardo, about other issues.

Castillo’s possible departure has been mentioned since his election in June, with opposition parties calling it a “fraud”, despite the support of the Organization of American States and European Union monitors.

The plenary scoreboard shows the result of the vote on the opening of the impeachment process for Peruvian President Pedro Castillo on Tuesday night (7) – Photo: Reproduction / Twitter / Congreso del Perú

In recent days, the president called for a dialogue with opposition leaders in an attempt to save himself from what he described as a proposal “without support and without absolute responsibility”. However, Keiko Fujimori and other leaders of the Right refused to speak to him.

The 52-year-old rural teacher defeated Fujimori in the second round of the presidential election in June. Since taking office on July 28, he has been haunted by the opposition over his mistakes and disagreements within his party that led to the departure of ten ministers.

The party that brought him to power, Free Peru, said its 37 lawmakers would reject the proposal, despite disagreements with the president.

During the Parliament session in Lima, the President visited the regions of Apurimac and Puno in the southern Andes.

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