February 28, 2024
Ávine Vinny leaves prison in Fortaleza after being released from custody session |  car

Ávine Vinny leaves prison in Fortaleza after being released from custody session | car

Singer Evin Finney was released from prison at 15:00 on Tuesday (14). The artist was arrested after Threats against his ex-wife. Hours ago, the Ciara judge decided, in a hearing, to release him from prison.

The victim registered a police report on Monday (13) but withdrew the complaint against the singer this morning. vine sings the song “Coração Cachorro”.

The singer spoke on social media after his release from prison: “I never thought we could get through this, but fortunately everything was clarified and resolved in the best way. I have to thank Laís for taking our life history into account and for being sensitized on this procedural issue, With the aim of not hurting anyone, especially our daughter, to whom we have always devoted so much love,” he posted on his social network Ávine.

The ex-wife’s lawyers also filed a motion stating that the victim was no longer “interested in handling” the case, according to the document. g 1 He has access.

She was filing the complaint at the Police Defense for Women (DDM) station in Fortaleza, when she received a new letter containing threats.

vine Vinny, from the movie 'Coração Cachorro', has been arrested in CE on suspicion of threatening his ex-wife.

vine Vinny, from the movie ‘Coração Cachorro’, has been arrested in CE on suspicion of threatening his ex-wife.

The artist who even said with a message that the woman “He will regret it”, they were fined in the act for threatening in the context of domestic violence. he Spent the night at the police station.

“In light of the foregoing, this meritorious judgment is required 3-1. It assigns a hearing for the purpose of waiving the victim, since it has no interest in it; 3-2. Declaring procedural law extinct, setting it shelves,” says an excerpt from the complaint’s withdrawal request .

The victim was arrested after she appeared at the Women’s Defense Police Station to report a threat. “While recording the action, the victim received messages from the suspect with new threats. In light of the facts, the Civil Police initiated steps that led to the locating and arrest of the suspect,” said the Ciara Security Secretariat.

Evin and Lays Holland have been together for eight years and are the parents of a 4-year-old girl. According to the woman’s testimony, she left the couple’s daughter and nanny in the singer’s building, in Bairro Coco, so that he could stay with the child.

According to the ex-wife, he interrogated Ávine with a letter why she did not go up to his apartment and did not reply, heading to a friend’s house.

Which while the agent was driving his car, Avni Vinny [nome de registro] He called and the advertiser put the call on the megaphone, at which time the accused started saying that the advertiser was recording the call and started insulting him,” according to the statement.

Arriving at her friend’s house, Fine calls again, and because of the insults, Lies decides to record the call.

He added, “That Vinnie insulted him on the call several times and threatened to kill him as follows: ‘I ruined my life, but I ended yours.'”

It was also alleged that the singer threatened to take the couple’s daughter and prevented the former from seeing the child. The civil police demanded the court to take urgent preventive measures for the victim who sent the audio recordings with threats to the police.

The artist was hired by Vybbe, producer of Xand Avião, the same company that ran DJ Ivis. The company said in a statement that it is following up the case.

Late yesterday afternoon, singer Yvonne Vybb XIII was arrested for providing clarification regarding an alleged phone threat directed at Laís Holland. Vybb.

Even Feeney was arrested in Fortaleza after an argument with his ex-wife, Les Hollanda. Photo: personal archive

TV Verdes Mares discovered that Ávine Vinny shared a cell with other prisoners, who sang the singer’s songs several times during the night. Avene was released on Tuesday (14), around 15:00, moments after a hearing decided to release him.

According to the singer’s press office, “a verbal discussion took place and he will be released soon.” the g 1 He requested further clarifications from the Public Security Secretariat on the case, but had not received a response until the publication of this report.

In November, when DJ Ivis was released days after he was arrested for beating his ex-wife, Avine Vinny sent a letter of support. (read more).

Á Finn Feeney talks about the fallout from the song 'Coração Cachorro' after James Blunt's engagement.

Á Finn Feeney talks about the fallout from the song ‘Coração Cachorro’ after James Blunt’s engagement.

Avene Fini is nationally known for the song “Coração Cachorro (Late Coração)”, which was recorded together with Mateus Fernandez and Inspired by the music of James Blunt.

Ávine started his career in the band “Xé Pop” at the age of twenty. Now into a solo career, the singer is hired by Vybbe, producer of Xand Avião. After pursuing his career alone, he achieved fame in Forró, but his first national success was “Coração Cachorro”, this year.

The song forró released in 2021 has a chorus to the tune of “Same Wrong”, a 2007 song by British musician James Blunt. Make a deal with Planet And she gave 20% of the song’s income to the English language.

The authors of the Brazilian Foro, even then, acknowledged the inspiration, But they denied the existence of plagiarism.

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