June 14, 2024

Look what she gave Larry Bell in the laundry

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Look what she gave Larry Bell in the laundry

Last night, Arcripiano received a little bounty from Larry Botino in the meantime washing dirty clothes From “farm 13″ (RecordTV), which made fans reality Reeve raised the hypothesis that the ex-peos transmitted external information.

Early, Larry denied that he would have given the finalist a role, but rather a lucky charm. Today, Adriane Galisteu, presenter, has asked to be a formerBBB 21″ (TV Globo) showing what he really earned from his previous peon game.

“No one can afford it, it’s a lot of curiosity, and we want to see it,” said Galisto, asking Capixaba to bring the gift that was in his room. “Now we want to know,” said Denho Alves. Next, Arcripiano showed what he had won and explained:

It’s a necklace. Bill Araujo

“She said it was a lucky charm,” the announcer commented, then explained the rules for the communication of previous pawns with guests.

According to the program’s rules, eliminations can’t pass information to pawns who are still in the game, right? But there weren’t any rules about things, so this time, we’ll let you keep your necklace, Bill, okay? But, from now on, to avoid any misunderstanding, those who are excluded are also forbidden to pass any kind of thing to those who are restricted. Adrian Galisto

Check out the necklace that Arcrebiano won:

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