June 18, 2024

Banco Inter offers incredible novelty that includes credit card

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Banco Inter offers incredible novelty that includes credit card

digital bank Inter It is to allow customers to place a money order through a purchase on their credit card. credit. This way, consumers will only pay for the investment after purchase, when the bill is due.

The new tool called “Invest Now, Pay Later” offers the possibility to buy LCI (Letter of Mortgage Credit), with liquidity up to 180 days. You can apply from R$500 to R$5,000, using the financial institution card only. In the future, it will be possible to invest with a credit card in other items and even pay in installments.

The best feature when placing a money order using Credit card Felipe Bottineau, director of Inter Invest, said it was a longer-term profitability in terms of investment payout history.

What does the World Bank say?

He also says that there is a very large influx of purchases in the early days of the month due to salary receipt and this demand may put pressure on the prices offered. Therefore, the customer will have more power to take advantage of the best rates.

To be able to redeem the money order on the correct date, the consumer will need to pay the credit card bill on time and in full. In the event of default or partial payment of the invoice, the user will not be able to access the return on investment.

Get to know Interbank

At the moment, the bank has 20.7 million customers, a credit portfolio of 19.5 billion R$, 7.1 billion R$ in equity and 40.9 billion R$ in assets. The financial institution is the first 100% online bank in the country and started its career in 1994. Inter She was one of the first financial technology in Brazil, which seeks to facilitate the creation of services and their transactions between Banks.

  • pension-exempt
  • There are no fees for transacting on your accounts;
  • Cashback with various promotions with partner stores;
  • Interpag: a resource for making payments, receiving or transferring money through a QR code;
  • Pay bills without fees;
  • loans;
  • Deposit by bank slip or TED;
  • Investment potential
  • unlimited and free withdrawals;
  • scheduling payments
  • Salary capacity
  • Mortgage.

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