June 18, 2024

‘BBB 22 cast did not contribute anything to the release’

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'BBB 22 cast did not contribute anything to the release'

The “BBB 22 “(TV Globo) once again had a cast of famous and unknown people, but unlike the other two versions in this format, the participants left something to be desired. splash Aline Ramos.

This “BBB” staff did not contribute anything to the editorial. Of course, there are a lot of things to criticize and I think there is a consensus that the show is not in its best shape, with dynamics and testing in need of improvement, but the casting of this cast was a bullet in the foot.

The columnist remembers that what bothered her the most about the release were the “cabin” participants who preached “Love BBB”such as Thiago Abravanel, and those who escaped the game, such as Pedro Scobe.

Did these people deceive Boninho or was the selection poor and not touching on points like whether these people watch the BBB and how they will handle all kinds of situations?

After today’s final (26), which will have a “box” to be the first-time winner – Arthur Aguiar, Douglas Silva or Paulo Andre The prediction for the next season is that reality The country’s most famous surprise.

I still hope that the same mistakes will not be repeated in 2023. We came from very good copies in 2020 and 2021 and then this representation was a disappointment. Even picking popcorn, which is usually more demanding, didn’t work.

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We’ve already spoken to former BBBs who have lamented, to those who caused controversy and now, in “Realities – O Brasil na TV,” a three-episode documentary produced by splash And MOV.docwe say the beginnings and behind the scenes of reality programs in Brazil.

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