June 4, 2023

BBB 23: Fred Nicasio considers X-ray sabotage to destabilize rival group, strategy satisfies allies: “Waste of all time”

BBB 23

In BBB 23, the brothers need to record reality with x-rays daily

© Play / TV GloboFred Nicasio did not say if he would put the plan into action

Since joining the program, the brothers from BBB 23 need to perform the procedure X ray Daily. The dynamic consists of the confined recording a kind of audiovisual diary accessible to viewers.

To do this, they need to share time in the sect, and everyone also scores within a certain limit. thinking about it, Fred Nicasio I managed to devise a strategy to destabilize the enemy group. The Doctor stated that if the Allies used up all the available time, the Fourth Desert Girls would run out of minutes to record their videos, which would result in serious punishment and loss of bets.

Fred Nicasio comes up with a plan to destabilize the members of Division 4 (Reprise/Globo TV)

Plan shared to confinement colleagues In the most watched home kitchen in Brazil. “Going to Confession tomorrow to spend all the time, then they all lose 500He declared. Ricardo even credited the health professional for coming up with the plan.

This is the f*cking moveHe said. Later, unique He admitted his fears that the plan would not resonate well with viewers of the show, but Ricardo didn’t seem to care. “Sorry, brother, no meanness, I’ll tell you something: it’s 2 and a half million“, Scored.

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