May 31, 2023

BBB 23: Gabriel Santana talks about Bruna Grippo’s rhyme against Sarah Allen and states the likes in a post about the actress: “I live this daily”


The actor has also taken a stand on the embarrassing situations and said that he is against any kind of prejudice

BBB 23: Gabriel Santana appears on Bruna Griphao’s rhyme: “I live it daily.” PHOTOS: Reproduction/stories of the actor’s official instagram.

Former BBB Gabriel Santana saw his name embroiled in the Bruna Griffau controversy, who made an alleged sexist rhyme against fellow inmate Sarah Allen, both of whom remain in custody. It’s just that a post by the psychologist’s officials – communicating about the actress’s actions – received a thumbs up from the recently deposed BBB 23 (TV Globo).

On Wednesday night (05), after the aftermath of such a tan, the actor spoke up to explain what was going to happen. He used his Twitter account to share the news that he would even support the remark and reveal that the like was, in fact, done by his team, who still manage their profiles. The actor said he has a routine going on and hasn’t had time to take over his accounts.

BBB 23: Gabriel Santana appears on Bruna Griphao’s rhyme: “I live it daily.” Image: Playback/Stories Official Instagram of the actor.

“My team liked the note Sarah’s team posted. Recently, I’ve been hands-on all day in meetings and have people take care of my networks while I’m away. No matter if it’s a family member, friend, fan, or acquaintance, I’m against any act of prejudice, because I live it every day. So I want to make it clear that I support the truth of the situation no matter what!”confirmed.

In the post, Sarah’s file managers talked about the need Bruna gave her rival after a recent game of contention: “This is not the first time a participant has used terms or rhymes that stigmatize or stereotype black people. We realize that such associations are not uncommon and, depending on the case, can be made up as criminal.”The note says.

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