June 5, 2023

BBB 23: Ricciardo talks about the casting and reveals his sister’s past injury with his sister from Quarto Deserto: “I never forget it”


The biologist explained his reasons and commented on his game

Play / Rede Globo

Ricciardo is in a very serious conflict with some of the BBB 23 brothers. However, there are still things Sarah Allen’s relationship hasn’t forgotten, despite some situations that happened a few weeks ago even before the cut by Boninho.

In a conversation with Cezar Black and Fred Nicácio, the brother stated that he would not vote for Aline Wirley before actress Bruna Griphao, with whom he was already very close. Elvis explained that when he left the fourth desert, he ended up being kicked out screaming by the blonde.

Play / Rede Globo

When explaining the order of sounds, he makes it clear: “My order has never changed. It has always been Fred Decimpidos, Larissa and Bruna. It has always been that way.” “I left there [ do Quarto Deserto] With Bruna yelling at me. “You’re a bad person, a bad person, you’re bad for those around you.”He said.

In the end he emphasized the shouting and discussion he had with the actress and that such things are not quickly forgotten as he himself said. “I will never forget that! I would never put Allen in front of Bruna“.