June 13, 2024

BBB 23 UOL Poll: Partial update indicates who are more likely to stay home

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BBB 23 UOL Poll: Partial update indicates who are more likely to stay home

This Tuesday (04/04) we’ll find out who it will be One eliminated from the twelfth Paredão of Big Brother Brazil! However, the system will be different, with reverse voting you vote for who stays in the house and who has the fewest votes, leave!. Check out our website parts and UOL survey: Amanda, Domitella, Larissa, or Marvella: Who stays at BBB 23? And who is leaving?

a The UOL poll already shows who is returning from Paredão Those who can be eliminated in twelfth place. But keep an eye on her all the time, as there is still a lot of change! Is your best sibling in danger of leaving the most watched house in Brazil? look How is the percentage Polls, how the vote should be Gshow!

How does the BBB 23 vote work?

Gshow voting is open! Vote in the Fashion Bubbles poll and see the result instantly. After that, follow Prints from the UOL poll to watch How is BBB 23 voted on?.

Do you want to vote again? Click here if the button does not work!

Also vote:

BBB Poll 23: Partial Ratio Updated

Polls can show how Gshow voting is going. So follow here Partial prints of the UOL survey From the twelfth wall of BBB 23 throughout the hot days.

UOL BBB 23 Poll Updated: Partial from 01:00 on 04/03, Monday

At dawn, it was UOL Poll pointing to Larissa is also eliminated. In case 18,477 votesshe just had 21.58%. And on account Reverse vote Who will spend what he has no loss wishes, Amanda (32.45%), Marvella (23.32%) and Domitilla (32.45%) You must continue in the game.

BBB 23 Poll: Parts of Fashion Bubbles updated at 01:00 on 04/03

Shortly after voting began, a Fashion Bubbles poll showed close conflict. in it, Larisa will be eliminated with 20.46% of 21,034 voteswhile Marvella (20.81%), Amanda (26.07%) and Domitilla (32.67%) received more votes to stay home.

Beyond BBB 23

If you’re a fashion lover and you’re into more than Big Brother Brasil, you can’t miss the trends that come straight from Brazil’s most watched show. in the end, The hottest fashion, beauty and decoration tips are in Fashion Bubbles!

Marvella looks inspired by concerts and festivals, all about the adhesive Bruna uses to dry her pimples, beauty trends straight from the show and skincare tips, all of this you can find in our other categories. So keep following up!

Why vote in the poll?

The prize of more than R$2 million is at risk, so it is important to remember, however, that vote on gshow Who do you want to go out to!

You Partial results of the UOL Opinion Poll and Fashion Bubbles Poll It allows you to follow how voting is going on Gshow. This way, you know in advance who is at risk of leaving the program.

After voting in the Fashion Bubbles poll, you will instantly get the result and will be able to find out the most popular and also the least liked participants.

About BBB23

Broadcasted on Globo’s nightly schedule each day, Big Brother Brasil is the most watched reality show in the country It is led by Tadeo Schmidt, under the supervision of Boninho. The 22 brothers and sisters, distributed between the Camarote team and the Pipoca team, are competing for the prize that already exceeds the R$2 million mark.

The program is animated by dynamics such as Leader’s Proof, The Angel’s Proof, and Paredão. So, keep an eye on BBB 23 here on Fashion Bubbles so you don’t miss anything happening in the competition!

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