June 14, 2024

BBB22: Gustavo picks the target and says, “If he hits, he leaves”

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BBB22: Gustavo picks the target and says, "If he hits, he leaves"

Gustavo wants his name and Laís removed from the “straight” and has already set a “target” for the next BBB22 wall.

Gustavo Marcingo Talk in his introductory video before entering BBB22who will move the game and who was a fan of it Philip Pryor From BBB20who had the “Joga y Joga” tactic, and in just two weeks inside the most guarded house in Brazil, his brother became the king of strategies.

In addition to preventing the fourth grunge brothers from voting for laisin the formation of the last wall on Sunday (20), the former greenhouse has become more “respected” by the participants in BBB22as he escaped from the wall on Tuesday (22), which led to his expulsion Bruna Gonçalves.

how Gustavo She said that the wife Ludmila He was “Planta” and would be eliminated, and as a result of The Wall his words gained more power within the global reality show. And on Friday afternoon (25), while enjoying a whirlpool outside BBB22Talk to Curitibano laisAnd the SloveniaAnd the Vinny And the Eliezer About the direction of the game.

“I think Thiago, If you hit, get outthe brother was released trying to convince the prison colleagues BBB22that grandson Silvio Santos It is an option.

And the Slovenia Make a point to remind an important position about thiago. He said, ‘My problem is that I’m a Big Brother fan, and that’s why I can see things clearly. And that’s the problem, I’m not participating, I’m watching. You have already turned the key, “ He said to the model.

“I don’t think he’s turned around yet. He says the right thing, but he doesn’t act.”He said lais Difference with a friend. “That’s why I think the common denominator is his. But then you have to talk to Lucas to find out what he wants.”I finish Gustavo plan to put Tiago Abravanel As a target on the next wall of BBB22.

Lucas confirms who will choose him for the wall

While Lucas Mentioned as an important ally in the two brothers’ conversation above, the former leader of BBB22was talking to Douglas Silva About who will drag him to the wall if he has the power of backlash.

“Do you already know who you are going to vote for?”“In the Box” a medical student asked for the actor who imitated and Lucas can not decipher. “Gustav?”asked capixaba.

DouglasThen he gave a clue to the brother saying only “Fifth” and supplement. “Gustavo wasn’t my vote choice, I mean, though, but it never was. The kid did the audition with me”Scored Douglas.

Then the actor returns the question to a case LucasWho is not on a mutual agreement with his sweetheart and wants to withdraw the former greenhouse. “Man, I’ll try to pull Larissa out. Maybe I’ll talk to Arthur too to vote for her.”a member of the group Pipoca concluded to do BBB22.

Lucas points out a possible target in Paredão at BBB22: 'I'll try to pull it off' (Image: Reproduction/Globoplay)
Lucas points out a possible target in Paredão at BBB22: ‘I’ll try to pull it off’ (Image: Reproduction/Globoplay)

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