June 20, 2024

Pedro Scooby reveals the advantage of winning BBB 22 exams

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Pedro Scooby reveals the advantage of winning BBB 22 exams

Pedro Scooby admit it and Paulo Andre Camilo Its advantage in most dynamics BBB 22 Because they are athletes. This Friday morning (25th), after winning the Leader’s testdiscuss the duo with Jade Bacon And the Tiago Abravanel Their perks and tactics actually show competitions.

“You’ve made a total difference to being an athlete,” the surfer revealed. “The athlete knows how to live with pain. I spend ten hours in the water with men in pain.” Use as an example a competition in which he participated outside the home, in a group, and applied the same tips to emerge victorious at Prova do Anjo.

For Abravanel, everything is designed so that all participants have the same right: “Bypass this place, because you may make mistakes. It certainly helps, but the tests are done so that you have more than one thing. Running, for example, will not even have to to go all of them.”

“We trained a lot in physical preparation and quick reaction… Every time we made a mistake, we came back to fix it. The pieces didn’t come close to each other,” Scobey continued. Jade agreed with her colleague and remembered the moment they were about to mix up their pieces.

The runner compared last night’s race with the Angel’s race, in pairs, too. Cynthia Decker and Paulo Andre’s husband had won a feud last week, which demanded speed. The PA confirmed: “We went without tactics, but the fact that we were able to advance so quickly made us win.”

Scooby and Camilo feuded in the Endurance Test final with Jade and Lais Caldas. Girls were eliminated when The influencer admitted to peeing in her pants.

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