September 24, 2023
BBB22: Marilia Mendonca's brother says he will do everything he can to get Nayara Azevedo out of reality

BBB22: Marilia Mendonca’s brother says he will do everything he can to get Nayara Azevedo out of reality

After confirming Sertanega Nayara Azevedo in the cast”BBB22“, brother Marilia MendoncaAnd joao gustavo, is pictured on his Twitter profile against the singer, who has to release a song with Marília while she’ll be limited to reality.

First, João Gustavo commented on the news of the duo’s release, mocking their choice of release during the program: “Congratulations, Naiara. I already knew, you never cheated anyone.”

In the sequence, he says that everyone knows that sertaneja will enter “BBB” to promote himself and that he will not take his sister’s name out of his mouth. He would do everything to eliminate the sister.

Joao Gustavo said: “Everyone already knew that you would enter the BBB to promote yourself, and I know that you would not take my sister’s name out of your mouth, so I will do everything so that you do not stay inside this house.” .

Joao Gustavo, who is also a singer, said he would not accept that anyone would beat Marilia Mendonca, who died last November after a plane crash in Minas Gerais.

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