August 18, 2022
BBB22: "I won't comment," Luana Piovani says of Pedro Scooby's post

BBB22: “I won’t comment,” Luana Piovani says of Pedro Scooby’s post

After surfer confirmation Pedro Scooby As one of the participants in Brazil is the big brother 22Netizens on social networks started following the actress Luana Biovani Expecting to follow up on her comments on her ex-husband on TV Globo.

However, the actress has already said that she will not comment on BBB. According to Luana, she is not used to watching the reality show. “You’re all frying for me to comment. I’ll comment what you want: I won’t comment on BBB, because I don’t watch it. I’ve never seen it in my life, and I don’t watch it now,” said the actress.

“I will end up learning a few things through social networks, but the social networks I like to use to do something else, not to comment on Big Brother. So, I don’t think you will find the entertainment you are looking for here, but I would love for you to come follow me,” Luana said.

Pedro Scobe, a father of three, is a former actress Luana Biovani Was in contact with Anita.

Adept at “free surfing”, he’s considered one of their biggest in Brazil. “My big dream as a kid was to be a surfer. Another dream was to be a father. Both were successfully implemented. I think today my biggest dream is to keep this life,” he told Gshow.

About the program, he has already said that he will enjoy everything that the experience can offer. “A man who loves to live. I don’t keep thinking about what will happen, what will happen… I just live life.”

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