October 7, 2022
Nayara Azevedo on 'BBB22': Feminigo star explodes with '50 Real', song written after betrayal |  TV and series

Nayara Azevedo on ‘BBB22′: Feminigo star explodes with ’50 Real’, song written after betrayal | TV and series

In 2016, Brazil met the song “50 Real” with the voice of Nayara Azevedo. That year, the singer appeared nationwide singing the song that was written after a betrayal and has a partnership with Maiara and Maraísa.

seven years later, Naiara is one of the names of the Camarote team Act “BBB22”. The list was announced on Friday (14) and the reality show premiered on Monday (17).

Born in Paraná, Nayara is 32 years old and lives in Goiânia, Goiás, the hometown of most of the country’s stars.

“50 Reals”, the singer’s hit song, co-written by Bruno Mandioca, Maiko Mello, Alex Torricelli and Walleria Liao, was inspired by a personal betrayal story.

That was about five years ago. The story was with her ex-boyfriend and after that I didn’t look him in the face. I was suspicious that he had left his Facebook open on my computer and saw his conversation match who said who. “I also saw a message on his cell phone,” the singer said at the time.

The hit is not the only one that is based on real events. “Nó na throat”, another song by the singer, follows the same line. “Disappointments inspire me much more than my joys,” he says.

Nayara Azevedo records DVD in Praia Grande (SP) – Photo: Yasmin Vilar/G1

The 22-track album was recorded in Praia Grande, on the coast of São Paulo, and was called “Sim”.

More than just having fun, my career has a purpose. It is based on my life story. The “S” is because I have had to overcome many obstacles in my career. “M” is for motivation. Plus doing all this for me, you end up with It’s up to motivating others. I said yes to my new dreams and challenges,” he explained.

Throughout her career, in addition to Mayara and Marisa, the singer has also recorded partnerships with Dilsinho, Ivete Sangalo, Sol Almeida and Raí Saia Rodada, among other artists.

“Pegada que desgrama”, “Ex do seu current” and “O nome ela é mulher” are other songs of the singer.

In 2016, in addition to bursting with “50 riyals,” Nayara married her manager Rafael Cabral. The two announced their separation in August 2021.

Also in that year, the singer renewed her wardrobe after going on a diet due to a health problem and lost about 30 kilograms.

“I was in so much pain in my right knee that I almost had to have surgery. Because of the weight gain in my knee joints, I had to lose weight. It was very good for my health and my career,” he said at the time.