August 18, 2022
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A young man from SC says he was booked into a hotel to participate in BBB 22

Penhalzinho resident Renan Pedro Lucas, 26, says he went through five stages of the selection process and was booked last week in Rio de Janeiro.

a The 22nd Edition of Big Brother Brazil The premiere is next Monday (17), but the launch of the list of 20 participants in the program began on Friday (14). Meanwhile, a A resident of Santa Catarina He revealed that he was confined to entering the house, but tested positive for Covid-19 and ended up abandoning the cast.

Renan is 26 years old and lives in Penhalzinho, west SC – Photo: Colagem/ND

Renan Pedro Lucas, 26 years old, who lived for two years in Penhalzinho, in the western region of the stateHe says this is the seventh time he has entered the program and the first time he has made the most progress in the selection process.

Pharmacist from Parana, says the first contact with production of the show began in July last year and lasted until November. There were five selection stages, with an interval of one month, with online interviews and dynamics.

“I planned all year, since July. I’m lucky, I paid off my debts. I felt that it would work, because I was going from one stage to the next, everything was very good”, says Renan, who quit the pharmacy where he worked for seven Most famous in the municipality of Penhalzinho.

The last contact with production of the show before traveling to Rio de Janeiro was on Tuesday (January 4) when the team contacted him confirming his participation in the final phase of selection, confinement, now free of any device.

“I went to Rio de Janeiro to do the last stage, I was tied up in the hotel [sexta-feira 7], but on the second day [sábado 8] They took the test and it came back positive,” he recalls. At that moment, the BBB 22 team indicated the possibility of excluding young people so as not to endanger the other participants.

“On Friday, I was in pain in my body, but I thought it was anxiety, imagine that it was my biggest dream. From Friday to Saturday my condition worsened a lot, then I took the test and it was positive”, continues the young man who will be part of the Beboka group.

He was released by BBB 22 production and decided to travel to his parents’ home in Tangará da Serra (MT). “that they [a produção] I was asked what I wanted to do: stay in the hotel or stay with my family. I was afraid of getting sick and decided to go home. So I signed the withdrawal form,” details the young man doing well. “All I thought about was seeing my family.”

new opportunity

This week, Renan learned that three participants on the Camarote group had been diagnosed with the coronavirus, but nevertheless, their participation in the reality show has been confirmed. The young man says he got in touch with the show, and via email, BBB 22 production confirmed that the guy from Parana was ineligible.

Production contact to notify youth of ineligibility - Photo: Arquivo Personal / NDProduction contact to notify youth of ineligibility – Photo: Arquivo Personal / ND

“I admit I felt really bad, because I’ve been preparing to enter the show since July. I organized myself financially, quit my job, invested in clothes and pictures, not to mention psychological, right?!” he said.

According to him, it was not only money and fame that prompted him to try to enter the house, but also the possibility of changing his life and the life of his family. For the future, he hopes to return to a coaching career in Santa Catarina State and sign up for the upcoming edition of Big Brother Brasil.

“I organized my financial life to really get into the house. I am a pharmacist, so I intend to continue to pursue my profession in Santa Catarina,” concluded the young man with more than 36 thousand followers on Instagram.

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