August 18, 2022
After a fist fight, Lexa records audio with the female staff.  Listen

After a fist fight, Lexa records audio with the female staff. Listen

Coluna LeoDias exclusively received an audio recording that Lexa recorded, shortly after two of her employees attacked each other. In the recording, the singer tries to understand what happened, but the women could not agree on who started the fight. The artist is still worried about the physical condition of both. Listen fully.

According to the note issued by the artist on Thursday (1/13), she woke up with punches on the door of her room, and when she came out to understand what was happening, she encountered the two women fighting and hitting each other. else. I managed to prevent the confusion from continuing, and while talking to the staff, one of them quit.

“Guys, this is my house, my house is not a place for anyone to fight, if one fights with the other. My house is not a place for that, this is not right. What happened? Someone felt pressure… I slapped her first, is that right?”, he asks trying to understand the situation.

The two employees, Anna and Ludmila, get upset when they try to explain who started the fight, but they can’t come to a consensus. Lexa comments anxiously, “Guys, look how painful you are!”

The artist frees the staff to go home while the singer makes a decision, but one quits soon after, claiming that the other woman needs that job more. Lexa said in a statement that all payments stipulated in the law were made. “I take this opportunity to inform you that all documents are duly signed and digitally recorded. All payments stipulated by law have been made and there are no labor financial issues pending,” he wrote. Listen to the full audio:

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