June 14, 2024

Ravi panics and attacks Christian after being dumped by Joey TV News

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Ravi panics and attacks Christian after being dumped by Joey TV News

Ravi (Juan Paiva) will be quite upset After Joey abandoned her (Lara Trimorox) in place in the sun. He will blame the boy Christian / Renato (Kawa Raymond) for all his misfortune and attack him at the 9 AM Globo Opera. Then he will search for it larra (Andréia Horta), determined to fix his life.

number The chapter scheduled to air on Friday (14)The boy will arrange a meeting with a husband barbaric (Allen Moraes) and grabbed him by the collar. In the aftermath, he will pour all his anger.

“The only person who didn’t think I was retarded was Lara. But she’s not here either – and that’s your fault too. Deep down, you’re the one who’s delaying my life!”

Ravi is tired of his friend’s intrigues, and will go after Lara. When he arrives at the girl’s restaurant, he will find nuka (Marita Severo) And she’ll say her granddaughter is the only one who can help him.

“I want Lara to take care of Francisco for me,” says Juan Paiva’s character, referring to his young son. Hearing the statement, the cook’s grandmother will atone.

place in the sun It is a plot by Lecia Manzo It will contain 107 chapters in total. The series will be replaced by a new version of Pantanal on March 14th. A reinterpretation of the classic by Benedetto Roy Barbosa We will get Alanis Guillen and Jesuíta Barbosa as heroes.

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