August 18, 2022
Mercury's first retrograde will happen soon;  what does it mean?

Mercury’s first retrograde will happen soon; what does it mean?

This Friday (14/01), we will have our first Mercury retrograde of the year. It’s time for Self development. Before we talk directly about the causes and effects of Mercury’s retrograde, we need to understand what it is, in fact, within astrology.

The planet Mercury rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo and has a direct connection to organization, health, our ability to communicate and, above all, reasoning and reasoning. When Mercury becomes retrograde, it’s time to reorganize, take a deep breath and take a break to compose yourself, seek rejuvenation and take stock of many things in our lives.

It is a phase within this new cycle that needs to adjust the necessary things. Usually Mercury retrogrades three times a year, but by 2022 it will be in this position four times.

What should I avoid?

A priori, it is necessary to remain as less active as possible, i.e. take slow steps towards some new venture, to avoid confrontations. Before making any decision, think carefully. You don’t want to pursue discord within your home, work, or relationship. Try to avoid anything that steals your energy as much as possible.

After all, when Mercury is retrograde, it’s time to replenish energies and not consume them. During this period, Mercury will retrograde from 8:41 am this Friday and will last until February 4 at dawn.

What do you do with Mercury retrograde?

Here, the best thing to do is to always remain positive, but reflective. Your mind will be on the rise and so will your ability to solve problems. Striving to develop healthy habits, and have a better quality of life.

Keep your mind flowing naturally, find inspiration and find things that make you feel happy. Think carefully about your choices to prioritize your well-being. When Mercury enters retrograde, it is as if you begin to align your heart and mind, visualizing the things that should be a priority in your life and that can lead you down the path of peace.

Get rid of the things that keep you down. Use your creativity a lot.