June 3, 2023
Pedro Scooby Bbb

BBB22: Pedro Scooby’s reaction after ‘careless’ comments with the show, and explains why he put it

During his career inBBB22“, Pedro Scobe became the target of audience criticism about his commitment to the game and his desire to stay on the ground. This Sunday (24), the athlete participated in a live broadcast with the presenter Luciano Hack He explained the position he adopted within the program.

“Everything has its time and its time. I don’t create expectations, I just accept. When I had the opportunity to get out, I embraced the possibility by thinking of the good things that await me here.”reflects Scooby, according to the TV News website. “I am used to it, I have learned to understand things that are not in my hands, in my own domain. It is a method I have found so as not to get discouraged.”He revealed how he protects himself.

Advertised by fan carnival Carioca, Pedro Scobe received a standing ovation when he passed through Sapucaí over the weekend. “It’s a place where I grew up, I’ve been to the last ten carnivals, I live in samba schools, and I’m a Mocidade (independent of Father Miguel)In fact I like carnival very much. But the passage through Sapucaí turned. It was a place where I felt very comfortable, but it was very important to walk along the road and see the kids”He confessed.

Pedro Scobe and his wife, Cynthia Decker, in Sabucay. (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

The reception of the children’s audience was something special for him. “The amazing thing that happened in all of this was the kids’ response. They have sincerity, if you don’t like them, you really don’t like them. And they didn’t come to me because I went through the BBB, but because I somehow touched them”, he added. In a video that the surfer shared on his Instagram, it is possible to see the affection he received from the young audience of Sapucaí. just spy:

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In time, the end”BBB22“This Tuesday (26th) is held, with Arthur AgyarAnd Douglas Silva And Paulo Andre In the race for the millionaire award.

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