June 14, 2024

Belo Horizonte City Hall changes protocol and expands crowd capacity in stadiums

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Belo Horizonte City Hall changes protocol and expands crowd capacity in stadiums
(Photo: Ramon Lisboa and Juarez Rodrigues/EM/DAPress)

At a meeting between representatives of clubs and the Committee to Combat Covid-19, the municipality of Belo Horizonte announced, on Wednesday, changes to the protocol for football matches in the capital, Minas Gerais, during the outbreak of the epidemic. The main change was to increase the capacity of the audience in the stadiums, which increased from 40% to 50%. Thus, Mineiro and Independencia will be able to receive half of the total number of fans at the matches.

In the case of Mineirao, where Atlético host matches, the free public capacity is increased to 31,000 people – the stadium has the capacity to receive up to 62,000 fans. In Independence, the place of departure from Cruzeiro and America, the occupancy can reach 11.5 thousand seats, which is half the maximum total number of 23 thousand.

the tickets

The PBH protocol underwent further modifications. Tickets no longer need to be token, and the audience is accessible until the match. The previous decision was that the gates will be closed an hour before the start of the match, in order to avoid crowding in the vicinity of the stadiums.

However, the mandatory use of a mask remains to reach stadiums in the capital of Minas Gerais. At this Wednesday’s meeting, which was attended by representatives from America, Atletico and Cruzeiro, the city government reinforced the request for a public awareness campaign on the need for personal protective equipment as well as the use of 70% alcohol gel for cleaning purposes.

In addition to the use of a mask, the requirement to present a vaccination card with a full vaccination or a negative test for COVID-19 remains in place. Clubs must provide the PBH with the name and contact details of fans in the stadium for post-match monitoring, which will be done by sampling.

The new measures will flexibly enter into force after their publication in the municipality’s Official Gazette. The PBH decided to release more fans in stadiums as a result of the stabilization of the epidemiological indicators, with the decrease in cases of COVID-19, the occupation of the family and the rapid transmission of the virus.

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