March 30, 2023
Palmeiras defeated Ciara by drawing the wicked Rafael outfit and a Deverson goal

Palmeiras defeated Ciara by drawing the wicked Rafael outfit and a Deverson goal

Abel Ferreira won the match with substitutions in the second half, and Palmeiras wins the second consecutive Palmeiras.

NS Palm trees came back to win Brazilian. This Wednesday, in a late 19th round match against Ceará, in Castellao, the Sao Paulo team won 2-1.

The effect of Ceará x Palmeiras You are Watch on Pass LineAnd At 11:25 pm, broadcast live by ESPN No Star +.

Ferdao’s first goal in the match was scored by Rafael Ze, in first-half injury time, with a superb free kick.

Deverson, who entered the second half, extended the score, breaking the 18-game taboo without scoring a goal.. He hasn’t hit the net since June 30 against Internacional.

Cléber, at the end of the match, scored the honorable goal for Ceará in front of his fans.

Tournament mode

As a result, Palmeiras won his second match in a row in Brazil, and his tally rose to 46 points, and he rose to third place.

Ciara, on the other hand, is 14th with 31 points, but one match has yet to be played.

Zé Rafael scored in the first half

In the last move of the first half, the midfielder called responsibility and put the ball into the corner of Richard’s goal, who didn’t even move to try to catch the ball.

Zé Rafael, with an accurate free kick, put the match in Verdão’s favour.

Abel’s alternatives are decided

In the second half, Abel Ferreira captured Luis Adriano and Rafael Vega and placed Deverson and Gustavo Scarpa. In one of the midfielder’s first moves of the match, he put the ball in the area for the striker to score the second goal for Alverde’s team.

Waverton saves

The Sao Paulo goalkeeper scored at least two very crucial and difficult goals in the match to secure the score for Palmeiras.

Weverton has shown, once again, why he is the goalkeeper of the Brazilian national team.

Upcoming games

Palmeiras will play again next Monday at Allianz Parque against Sport for Brazil.

Sierra is going to Caxias do Sul to face Juventus on Saturday.

data sheet

Ciara 1 x 2 palms

Objectives: Raphael & Daverson (Pal) costume; Clipper (CEA)

Palm trees: Weaverton. Marcos Rocha, Gustavo Gomez, Luanne Bequerez; Ronnie (Briano Lopez), Felipe Melo, Zee Rafael (Ze Raphael), and Dudu (Veron); Rafael Vega (Scarpa) and Luiz Adriano (Diverson). idiomatic: Abel Ferreira.

CEARÁ: Richard. Igor, Louise Ottavio, Gabriel Lacerda, and Kelvin; Fernando Sobral (Fabiño), Marlon (Clipper), Fina (Jorginho), and Lima (Mendoza); Eric and Gabriel Santos (Yael) idiomatic: James Nunes.