June 14, 2024

Beto Barbosa gets annoyed by the question and leaves the show: “Prejudice”

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Beto Barbosa gets annoyed by the question and leaves the show: “Prejudice”
Beto Barbosa was annoyed by a reporter's question during the live programme

Beto Barbosa was annoyed by a reporter’s question during the live programme

Photo: Playback / Jangadeiro TV

Singer Beto Barbosa, 68, raged during a TV show and walked out of the interview on Thursday, the 4th, saying the reporter was biased. The situation occurred during the program Todo Mundo Ama, on Jangadeiro TV, of SBT in Ceará.

Beto was invited to sing on the show and take part in an interview, but was offended when a reporter asked people on the streets if “lambada still existed”, the musical style for which the singer is known.

In the studio, Beto Barbosa expressed his displeasure with the way the journalist handled the musical style, saying it was biased. “I think the reporter’s question is very biased, because lambada is world music, which started in France and is known in Brazil and in the world,” he declared.

“I’ve been on all the TV shows, including, recently, Serginho Groizmann’s show with an orchestra singing ‘Os 40 Anos de Beto Barbosa’,” he said.

Presenter Lorrane Cabral agreed with the singer to try to de-escalate the situation, but the artist announced that he would not continue with the program due to “disrespect” for his story.

“I’d really like to sing, but I’m going to drop out of the programme, because I didn’t like the way the reporter came to treat me. We came to the show with so much affection, love and respect, my story that way. I think it’s disrespectful to the artist. I didn’t come here to show this off.”

Jangadiro TV and singer Beto Barbosa did not comment after the incident.

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