February 27, 2024
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Bianca Andrade: After contouring the face, the clinic appears before and after the businesswoman; look at the pictures

New woman! Bianca Andradealso known as pink mouthShow that he really likes to change the look. This Wednesday (26), behind the scenes operation facial symmetry experienced by the businesswoman.

The images are a change made in 2020, but the cosmetic clinic where Bianca performed the intervention released more details about the procedure. According to the page, the 28-year-old businesswoman opted for nose models with hyaluronic acid, in addition to giving her face a special treatment. look at me:

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Other celebrities frequent Boca Rosa’s chosen institution, such as the presenter Christina Rochainfluencers Virginia Fonseca And Flavia Pavanelli, and even Previous BBBs fly And the Slovenia Marques.

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The clinic showed before and after the influencer procedure (Image: Reproduction/Instagram)

On the web, many users have commented on the recent visual changes of the previous participant in BBB 20. One profile noted that the influencer’s “new face” ended up reminding us of an old reality buddy. “And Boca Rosa, who took the picture of Manu Gavassi as a reference for alignment”he wrote.

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However, other fans noted that Bianca managed to achieve a harmonious appearance, even with several plastic surgeries. “Unpopular opinion: facial contouring only worked in Boca Rosa”Profile noted. “Boca Rosa is one of the only bloggers who knows how to use facial proportions and plastic to their advantage”highlighted another.

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Recently, YouTuber was one of the guests of the program “Gaby from the front againLed by Marilia GabriellaAnd he talked a little bit about his relationship to the changes he’s already made to his body. “People show me the previous and subsequent procedures, some of which I underwent. A lot. I did everything right”he said to the siege. “When I was young the smile was the most fascinated me. And I had two crooked teeth. The day I get my money I’ll fix it. It was everything you can imagine, I love cosmetic procedures, it’s a pointless part of my life.”He confessed.

In addition to her teeth, Bianca revealed that she actually moved her nose, mouth, and even her cheeks: “I actually did my nose job, for example. It only changed a little bit, and I didn’t change much. I’m fussy. I just wanted to fix a few things.”. However, not all interventions went the way she had hoped. “Today I would have done a lot less than I did”told the veteran of the interviews.

Boca Rosa also explained why he loves surgeries. “I’ve always been very practical. I thought, ‘Now I want my mouth to be a little bigger,’ so I’m going to go out there and put it on. It also shows how victimized he is to a society that always demands everything beautiful and uniform. It’s practical for me and for all women to find themselves in this environment.” “remembered.

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Finally, she added that she sees no problem with always changing some details of her appearance. “I was always thinking, ‘What’s the problem? If it would make me happy and improve my self-esteem. I’m afraid of influencing people to be this absurd.”he completed. Watch the full interview:

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