June 14, 2024

Graciele Lacerda says the singer is a tyrant

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Graciele Lacerda says the singer is a tyrant

Graciele Lacerda, 42, thinks she’s going through one of the most fulfilling moments of her life, and uses this as an excuse when she hears from people close to her that she’s getting prettier every day.

Behind the scenes at the Zizi de Camargo show, in Goiania, I heard many comments about her beauty, and in an exclusive interview with this column of splashHe said:

“[O segredo da beleza] It’s the stage I’m in, working a lot, with projects and achievements. I never achieved what I achieved today. It has triumphed over my financial independence, and I feel like it’s moving me more and more, you know? “.

However, Grassell’s new invasion came after many disagreements with her husband. The digital influencer, who today earns money through ads and projects for social networks, remembers that country side She was never allowed to be independent.

“Zezé wanted me to be with him all the time, and I didn’t want to miss that either. If I worked, I might not be able to be there. That’s when the internet came along, and I was able to juggle things.”

Graciel contact:

“Zezé was always accustomed to tyranny. He did not allow my independence. For Zezé it was a bit complicated to work as a woman. There is insecurity. He even joked: ‘You will make money and leave me.’ Today he has already said: ‘Look, I made money’ And she didn’t leave me.”

When asked if she does not see sertanejo’s position as manly, the influencer said and justified:

Zizi is a tough guy. At first I suffered. But he was like that since he was young. He wanted to take care of his family. He grew up like that. He has this ‘I’ll take care of him’, and he loves having the person next to him. When you have work, you have another routine, it bothers you. He took part, but when he saw that my work did not get in the way, he began to understand and today he really likes me. ”

Graciele says that in her “finished” phase after financial independence and professional ventures, one thing is missing: becoming a mother.

“It’s not all flowers. Professionally I’m fine, but I’m having a moment of trying to conceive and it spoils me so much. Now, when you have faith and you have faith, you have more power, everything will flow.”

Living her own independent moment, Graciele defines how she sees an ideal relationship: “Now that Zezé’s mind has changed regarding my work, and he’s accepting and understanding, I see that adds up. I’m in his life and it’s not just him, but both of us. I never thought it was fair that He works alone.”

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