February 28, 2024
Real: 'It's Time to Leave Gayer' Reaches 2nd Place on Spotify

Real: ‘It’s Time to Leave Gayer’ Reaches 2nd Place on Spotify

Real: It's time to leave Jair to reach number two on Spotify

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Three days before the 2022 general election, Song “It’s time for Jair to go.” It reached number two on Spotify’s playlist, “50 Massively Popular – Brazil”. The information is circulated in posts on social networks.

The victory of Thiago Doidao and Giuliano Maderada is considered a crucial candidate for re-election. “I warned you, you didn’t want to hear me/ Now you know who this is Made you hurt, made you cry Pack his bags, throw him out.”says an excerpt from the song.

The official clip, which was posted on Youtube a little over a month ago, has already garnered 916,000 views. The photos in front of the banner were recorded in the municipality of Ipequi, within the state of Bahia, where Lula received 70.57% of the vote in the first round.

Artists are also the authors of words like Bye bye BolsonaroAnd the I miss lola time And the Lampadão do 13.

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