June 28, 2022
Blizzard announces a new name for Overwatch

Blizzard announces a new name for Overwatch

Blizzard has faced several controversies in recent months, one of which resulted in the announcement that Jesse McCree’s character was given a new name. That’s because the name is the same as that of a former designer at Blizzard, who was involved in a lawsuit against the company over sexual harassment and machismo culture.

Blizzard posted on Friday afternoon (22) on its official Twitter account that the change to Jesse McCree’s new name will happen next Tuesday (26). The character will now be called Cole Cassidy.

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When announcing the decision to change the character’s name, the development team added that it would avoid honoring company employees with names in the game’s characters, and from that point on, be extra careful when including factual references in Overwatch.

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