March 29, 2023

Bolsonaro criticizes fuel remortgage and expects inflation to pick up in March

The ex-president said the return of taxes on petrol and ethanol is “another measure of the negative impact” by Lula’s government: “massive spending”

Wilton Jr. / Playground ContentBolsonaro claims that the announcement of the tax return, within two months of Lula’s government, is “another measure of the negative impact on the Brazilian population.”

previous president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) Swipe a motion Ministry of Finance Fuel recharge, with a reported increase of R$0.47 per liter of petrol and R$0.02 per liter of ethanol. In a video shared on FacebookThe politician referred to measures to reduce fuel prices. “Today is the day Brazilians woke up to more expensive fuels, especially gasoline. I want to tell you that we lowered fuel prices with the support of parliament through tax cuts. We lowered federal taxes on ethanol, gasoline, diesel and cooking gas in order to increase In the fuels that come all over the world.In the recording, the former representative said that he is in Orlando, United States, and appears to be cutting hair with a Brazilian.He claims that the announcement of the tax return is coming, in two months for the government Lola“another measure of the negative impact on the Brazilian population,” criticizing the government’s decision.

What affects inflation most is gasoline, not diesel oil. When inflation comes, it will be there in March, it is a natural consequence of higher fuel prices. For our part, we put gasoline at less than 5 US dollars per liter. And he concludes that the new government, which has spent colossally, has created 14 more ministries and, among other measures, has to take money from someone somewhere, it has to take it from the population. Fernando Haddad (PT). After announcing the reopening, the head of the treasury said he expected the central bank to cut interest rates, because the change is beneficial to control economic inflation long-term. He commented on this by saying, “We hope that Kuboom’s response will be as expected in the minutes of the central bank meeting.”