June 14, 2024

Bolsonaro’s health worries allies, doctors suspect erysipelas

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Bolsonaro's health worries allies, doctors suspect erysipelas

Bolsonaro’s health worries allies and family: supporters of the president who have been with him say he complains of cuts to his legs

Jair Bolsonaro has been impeached at Palacio da Alvorada since conceding his electoral defeat to Lula last week, and he faces serious health problems, allies revealed to the magazine. a look🇧🇷

According to the president himself, he told his allies, that he had several wounds on his legs, and even said that doctors suspected him of erysipelas – an infectious process that affects the skin, which can reach the fat of cellular tissues, which is caused by a bacterium that spreads. through the lymphatic vessels.

In the past nine days, Bolsonaro has been reclusive, only appearing twice in public and distancing himself from the Planalto Palace. Even his supporters were ignored.

the gate capital Cities He also reported, in conversation with Planalto interlocutors, that Bolsonaro had a large wound to his leg. Allies of the president reported that a leg injury was sustained during the campaign, but that it was not properly treated at the time.

Therefore, the wound became infected and brought other problems to Bolsonaro, who began to take antibiotics. Reports indicate that the discomfort is so great that it even prevents the president from even putting on his pants.

Bolsonaro stopped working

According to the information received from g 1in the past nine days, Bolsonaro went to Planalto only to receive Vice President-elect Geraldo Alckmin last Thursday (3).

The event did not even appear on the official agenda of the president, but it was announced by the transitional team of the government and commented on by Alckmin, who considered the conversation during the meeting “positive.”

Since his defeat at the polls, Bolsonaro has left Palacio da Alvorada – the president’s official residence – for official engagements on only two occasions.

Last Tuesday (1), he met with Ministers of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) moments after his first statement since Lula’s victory.

During the meeting, according to the ministers, Bolsonaro conceded defeat in the elections and promised not to impede the transition to the next government.

In the past five days, the president has had no appointments on his agenda and has remained isolated in Alvorada.

I felt defeated lola

The president seems to have felt the fall of his biggest political dissatisfaction. Constant public appearances and social media have ended and what has been seen since the 1930s has been a reclusive Bolsonaro.

Apart from the official statement after 48 hours of silence after the second round, the president spoke to his supporters again.

The weekly live stream was not held on Thursday last week. Even on social media, in which he was active, the politician reduced the number of posts.


Erysipelas is an infectious process that occurs on the skin and is caused by bacteria that penetrate the body through small cuts and can cause more serious health complications.

One of the main symptoms caused by erysipelas is the appearance of skin lesions that occur mainly in the leg area, but can also affect the face area.

The main cause of erythroderma is the bacteria of group A Streptococcus pyogenes, but infection can also occur with Haemophilus influenzae type B. Both need a portal to establish itself in the body, as do chilblains and other lesions.

After the bacteria that cause erysipelas have settled in the body, the first symptoms presented by the body are the most common when facing an infection. They are: high fever, tremor, malaise, nausea and vomiting.

Skin changes can appear quickly and range from simple redness, pain, and swelling to blistering and necrosis. It is also common for the patient to complain of ingua (enlarged lymph nodes in the groin).

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