June 29, 2022
Botafogo x Operário: The Upper East sector opened with tickets priced at R$50 and R$25;  North exhausted

Botafogo x Operário: The Upper East sector opened with tickets priced at R$50 and R$25; North exhausted

Due to the high demand for tickets, Botafogo The upper east sector of Nelton Santos Stadium has opened for a duel next Monday against factory worker, at 4 pm, for round 36 of B . series.

Sector tickets went on sale this Wednesday, at R$50 (full) and R$25 (half), through the website. www.botafogo.com.br/ingresso.

Botafogo x Operaário, a game worth getting to grips with – or even a Série B title – has already sold over 10,000 tickets in advance, with the Near East and North sectors selling out. Check out the full checkout service:

Online sales start: 11/5 at 5:00 p.m.
Online sales end: 11/15 at 4:30 p.m.

Very attention!

Only fans who are familiar with the vaccination calendar in Rio de Janeiro and Wilton will have access to the stadium with one of the following requirements:

Over 60 years old:
14 days after the third dose of the vaccine (booster) i.e. immunization until 11/1.
Two doses of the vaccine + a negative antigen test done within 48 hours prior to the event

12 and 59 years old:
14 days after a single dose of the vaccine, i.e. vaccination until 11/1.
– 14 days after two doses of the vaccine, that is, vaccination until 11/1.
One dose of the vaccine + a negative antigen test done within 48 hours prior to the event

Children under 12 years of age with:
A negative antigen test is performed within 48 hours prior to the event

The test will be mandatory for anyone who has taken the second, third or single dose less than 14 days before departure..

IMPORTANT: Fans who are not aware of the vaccination schedule in Rio de Janeiro will be automatically disabled to access the game even with antigen testing.

How can I prove that I have had the vaccinations?

Botafogo will send instructions for proof of compliance with the vaccination course to all buyers in the coming days.

Where is the examination performed (if necessary)?

The test must be carried out, preferably, in the network of laboratories accredited by Botafogo. See the full list at the end of this description.

How do you enter the stadium?

The North, Near East and Low West sectors will be opened, with access to them through the respective gates.
The south will be blocked and there will be no access.


Tripona sector (access via North Sector 2)

Tribuna – An exclusive venue, with the best view of the square and an included buffet

Integer – 360 BRL
Half – 210 BRL

Near East Sector (access via East Sector) – Sold

Upper East Sector (access from East Sector)

Full – R$50
Half – 25 Brazilian Real

Owner – Partners – Free Check-in
‘Lower West 2020 Season Package’ Supporters – Free Check-in
Shirt 7 – Glorious Plan – Free Check-in
7 shirt – Cria + – free check-in
T-shirt 7 – The Alvenegro Plan – $10
Shirt 7 – Black Plan – 20 BRL
Shirt 7 – White Plan – 25 Brazilian Real
Shirt 7 – Creates – 25 BRL
Botafogo no Coração Plan – 25 BRL

Sector West (access via Sector West)

Whole – 100 Brazilian Real
Half – 50 BRL

Owner – Partners – Free Check-in
Supporting Members who carry the 2020 Season Package * “Lower West” – Free Check-in
Shirt 7 – Glorious Plan – Free Check-in
7 shirt – Cria + – free check-in
Shirt 7 – Alvenegro’s plan – 20 BRL
Shirt 7 – Black Plan – 35 BRL
Shirt 7 – White Plan – R$50
7 shirt – Cria’s plan – R$50
Botafogo no Coração Plan – R$50

Sector North (access via North Sector) – Sold

How to guarantee a member discount?

It is important to note that the discount is automatically applied to the cart under the following conditions:

1) The account where the purchase is made must have the same CPF registered in the Member Program;

II) The shopping cart must contain only one (one) item of the “Exclusive Member” card in the corresponding sector.


Bonus recipients by law who comply with the stadium access requirements must redeem the award, exclusively, on the days and places below. There will be no advance online reservation.

Rescue Points:

Nilton Santos Stadium – North Ticket Office
General Headquarters Severiano

Dates and times:

11/13/2021 – Saturday – 9 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm
11/14/2021 – Sunday – 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm
11/15/2021 – Monday – 9am to 12pm

To carry out the withdrawal, it will be necessary to present the document proving the complete course of vaccination or negative antigen test (Covid-19) performed, preferably, in the network of VEUS laboratories within 48 hours prior to the event + the official document with a photo proving the benefit at the time of withdrawal and time of arrival To the stadium (feature limited to 10% of the fee).

wear fans

There will be no sale or venue for the visiting fans in this match.


Norte 1 car park located on Rua das Oficinas will open at 1:00 PM on the day of departure and will cost R$40. Camisa 7 and Owner-Partners get a discount and pay only R$20.00. Payment will be made on time and will close one hour after the end of the match.

What is the preferred test laboratory network?

Royal Jordanian case:

Anaclin – Volta Redonda RJ
Bec Lab – Clinical Analysis
Centro Medico Pastore
Dr. Marinho Clinic
Villa Pedras Clinic
Carioca Consultation
Dom Bosco
lab exams
Buffy Laboratory – Petropolis
Betar Laboratory – Nitroy
d . lab
Al Baraka Lab
LabCare – Diagnostic Medicine
IACB . Laboratory
Labor Life Diagnostics
LaudMed – Diagnostics and Research
Top Health – Barra da Tijuca
Topside – Sao Gonçalo
Vacivitta – Barra da Tijuca

More information about the labs at: https://www.veussaude.com.br/labsriobotafogo

Specific laboratories (VEUS network)

VEUS drive by AABB
Next to Monte Libano Club

E9 exit F . position

VEUS drive through shopping at Tijuca
G2 parking

The entrance is via Gandavu Street. Across from the North Grill

Parking next to Leroy Merlin

Entry to car park 5, lake level

VEUS Engine by Carrefour Caxias
Carrefour Caxias car park

VEUS drive through VEUS drive through any fashion shopping mall
Fashion Mall car park next to Kalonga

VEUS drive through registered shopping
Recreio Shopping Car Park

VEUS Engine by Parque Shopping
Parking at Shopping Via Parque

Parking is on the right side of the AMC complex, the entrance is on Jorge Curie Street. Entrance by position.