February 27, 2024
Coca leaves the stadium cheering Atlético MG fans and admitting the title: 'He's on the way' |  Athlete - mg

Coca leaves the stadium cheering Atlético MG fans and admitting the title: ‘He’s on the way’ | Athlete – mg

With each match, the athlete’s anxiety increases. 50 years of waiting for the title of Brazil is at hand. But it is not guaranteed. And this is how Cuca deals with Atlético-MG’s powerful and sovereign leadership in the championship. The 3-0 win over Corinthians on Wednesday night in Mineirao was another leap forward. What made the coach acknowledge the near achievement.

– Of course it works. We’re realistic too, this is underway, but it hasn’t happened yet. So, like I said the day before, I’ve waited so long, let’s wait a little longer. We’re screaming at the right time, said the coach.

“It’s not over. You can be sure that the day that happens, I’ll say we’re champions. There’s more. I don’t know how many seven, eight, nine points, but there’s still more. We have to look for it.” (Coca)

Cuca by Atlético-MG – Photo: Alessandra Torres / AGIF

Atletico has 68 points. Mathematicians calculate 76 address safety scores. The accounts can be audited, depending on the income of Palmeiras and Flamingo, Gallo’s main competitors.

On November 27, his rivals will go to the final of the Copa Libertadores, which will logically be given priority by them as the date approaches.

– It’s the Copa Libertadores final, I wish you were there too. I would arrange my team, as I imagine they do. (…) I know that today, in Abel’s mind, in Renato’s mind, they think about it, the Brazilian is important, of course, but the 27th is the most important of all.

Atlético-MG fans in Mineirao – Photo: Pedro Souza/Atlético-MG

Coca avoids nailing the Brazilian conquest. And watch the fans go down the same path. The euphoria of the campaign is clear. But the hero’s cry was hampered by the crowd. Sing for encouragement (“Let’s go, gallo, win the Brazilian”) and also to honor. Coca left the stadium in Mineirao to cheers from the more than 58,000 athletes present.

“Hearing the crowd sing our name at the end is indescribable. It’s so nice because I’m right there on the edge of the field. I also wanted to shout their names one by one, but I can’t. So I try to get the team to play and give the answer. I’m just as happy as them.”