June 25, 2024

Newspaper: Why does Sergio Ramos only talk warmly with Messi after the Spaniard’s victory over Paris Saint-Germain

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Newspaper: Why does Sergio Ramos only talk warmly with Messi after the Spaniard's victory over Paris Saint-Germain

Even without making his debut in the Paris Saint-Germain shirt, defender Sergio Ramos has beaten everyone in the club’s dressing room, but he has only a polite relationship with Messi.

One of the popular signatures Paris Saint-Germain For the current season, the previous “galaxy” Sergio Ramos has not yet entered the field with the French national team. With a chronic injury to his left calf, the defender has recently returned to training, but he still does not expect to come close to coach Mauricio Pochettino.

Sports fans watching the confrontation between Paris Saint-Germain NS Nantes, not next Sunday (20), live and exclusiveAnd By ESPN on Star +.

While Sergio Ramos does not take to the field, the Spaniard’s scenario could not be better. According to the diary information the team, from France, former captain of real Madrid He is an “inspiration” to the other names in the cast, as they strive like few others on the physical part to be 100%.

In addition to this, the publication also highlights the popularity of Sergio Ramos and his dealings with other names in PSG. A former companion to names such as Angel Di Maria and Keylor Navas, Sergio Ramos is still admired by the current names in the French national team and has a tendency to become a captain when he returns to the field.

Despite being a reference in and out of the four lines to other PSG companions, Sergio Ramos still enjoys a ‘friendly but distant’ relationship with Lionel Messi. According to a source from the teamTen years of classics don’t disappear overnight.

Over the past few years, Messi and Sergio Ramos have been the classic pillars between them Barcelona and Real Madrid, with memorable matches for both sides, as well as provocations, disorder and exchange of kicks, components that are present in the history of the confrontation.

Chronic injury and anxiety

NS the team He also told that for the first time in his career, it seems that Sergio Ramos’ body no longer meets the expectations of the star. The publication brings information that The defender suffers from chronic pain in his left calf And that discomfort occurs when working with the ball, which raises some concern for the Spaniard and for the club’s medical department.

The French team expects, now to return to training, that the medical leadership of the club will identify the problem that prevents Ramos from going to the field and eventually appearing in the Paris Saint-Germain shirt.

The last time the defender was on the field was when he was still at Real Madrid, in the match against him Chelsea, on the fifth of May, in a valid duel before Champions League.

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