February 27, 2024

Brazil beats China 3-0 in a Women’s World Cup warm-up training match | Women’s World Cup

The Brazilian women’s national team defeated China 3-0 on Thursday, in a training match played behind closed doors in the Gold Coast, on the east coast of Australia. The activity took place in Brazil’s hotel, a place also used by the delegation as a training center. The goals were scored by Kathleen, Raphael and Luana.

Five players were disqualified and did not participate in the activity. Marta and Pia are in the process of being preserved due to overload, but the technical committee is not involved. The same thing happened with Taynara, who was also absent. Geyse did not participate due to back pain. The biggest concern concerned Nycole, who was once again not in a team tactical action. The forward sprained her right ankle in a friendly match against Chile on July 2 and has since been unable to participate normally in training.

Among the tests were Angelina and Ellen Gomez, who, according to G, had a good performance in the practice match, which was divided into three halves of 30 minutes each. The two players are part of the bench list, as is Taynara. If Nicole doesn’t recover, they may be an option.

Geyse works on the field after a training match – Photo: Cíntia Barlem

In order to change the names in the final list, Brazil will have to prove clinically to FIFA that the Benfica player has an injury and will not be able to recover. The deadline is until the eve of the competition’s debut, which will be played on July 24, against Panama, in Adelaide. The other two opponents in Group F will be France (29th in Brisbane) and Jamaica (2nd August in Melbourne). China will also compete in the World Cup finals, and is in Group D with Denmark, Haiti and England.

Chinese players heading to the training match – Photo: Cynthia Barlem