February 27, 2024

Expulsion evaded, penalty ignored: Simon slams referee and VAR for Patronato x Botafogo and says Glorioso got hurt

Former football referee Carlos Eugenio Simon slammed hard control in Care 0x2 Botafogothe match that took place on Wednesday, in Argentina, before Cuba Sudamericana.

Bolivian government Jerry Vargas He failed to disqualify Valdez-Chamorro, from Patronato, for his elbow de Placido, who needed five stitches on his face, and also shrugged off a penalty kick for Alvinegro, through Ghirardello on Carlos Alberto. The two bids occurred in the first half.

In addition to the Bolivian referee, Simon also criticized the performance of the video assistant referee for the Uruguay match. Andres Cunha, which is experienced. On both bids, it is very clear that he does not recommend revision.

– the elbow grabs de Placido’s face. The referee gave a yellow card, but the VAR should have called, asked to take a look, and given the field referee a second chance to make the right decision. It’s a red card. Referee Jerry Vargas made a big mistake – Simon said, speaking about the penalty kick afterwards:

– penalty! Carlos Alberto is pulled by his shoulder. On the field it is difficult to see, the referee was diagonal and there were many players in front. The VAR was Uruguayan coach Andres Cunha, who also had to be active. It was a maximum penalty, which Botafogo refused.

In addition to refereeing errors that hurt Botafogo, the state of the turf at the Estádio Presbítero Bartolomé Grella, in Paraná (ARG), was heavily criticized in the “ESPN F90” programme, especially when an employee needed to plug a hole inside the box. sand area. Simon was suspicious of the scene.

– Sudamericana is a very important competition, because in addition to the financial issue, it has a vacancy in Libertadores, a series of benefits… You can’t play in this situation. I whistled in these stadiums. You have to appreciate the product more, the guys are doing their best to demoralize football. This scene is pathetic, the man picks up the bucket from the construction site next door to plug a ditch – Simon lamented.