June 23, 2024

Brazil draws with Colombia and helps Argentina in the South American U-20 Championship

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Brazil draws with Colombia and helps Argentina in the South American U-20 Championship

already classified, Brazilian national team Draw 1-1 with Colombia, today, at the Pascual Guerrero Olympic Stadium, in Cali (Colorado), in the South American U-20 Championship. Molano and Andrey scored.

Argentina was the one to thank, who still has chances to qualify after beating Peru 1-0, and the Brothers occupy fourth place in Group A, with three points, two points behind third-placed Colombia. Paraguay.

And the Brazilian national team will return to the field, on Friday, at 9:30 pm (Brasilia time), to face Paraguay for the fifth and final round.

First time

Brazil struggled against the hosts and did not have a good first half. Unable to find vertical passes for the attackers, the Brazilian national team played the ball between defenders and midfielders, unable to advance onto the field.

The Colombian team took advantage of the situation of the Brazilian team and was punished with quick attacks. In the 31st minute, Gustavo Molano had the upper hand after an injured defense and blasted a powerful shot from outside the area into the corner to open the scoring.

Colombia had a clear chance to extend the lead, but striker Caraballo missed a great chance. The number 11 received a free low cross into the small area, and at the moment the kick was taken, the ball rose and Caraballo kicked it over the goal.

While the opponent missed a great opportunity, Brazil did not forgive. After a free kick from Guilherme Biro, Andre appeared in the area to head and tie the match. The youngster was revealed in Vasco and already negotiated with Chelsea as he scored in the last match against Argentina.


In contrast to the first half, the final stage was less crowded with few chances to score. The big chance of the second half came in the 32nd minute, when Brazil took a risky volley, just as they equalised. After a free kick, Jean rose higher than the opponent and headed hard, but the ball skimmed off the crossbar.

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