June 14, 2024

Brazil vs Botafogo match: Watch where to watch, teams, embezzlement and refereeing | Brazilian chain B

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Brazil vs Botafogo match: Watch where to watch, teams, embezzlement and refereeing |  Brazilian chain B

Knowing which divisions will compete in 2022, Brazil Pelotas NS Botafogo A duel of opposites this Sunday. The match scheduled for 4pm (GMT), in Bento Freitas, for the 37th round of Serie B puts the lantern and the leader of the competition ahead of the match.

Brazil landed five rounds up front and flashlight on 23 points, Brazil is focused on next season and has even released some players. The team is losing four in a row, but wants to make a good impression in their last home game of 2021 against the competition leader. After a new easing of the restrictions imposed by the Rio Grande do Sul government, Bento Freitas will be able to get 100% of its carrying capacity.

Botafogo, who are in first place with 66 points, could win the Serie B title this Sunday. To be a math champion, you’ll need to win and hope to get a stumbling block from Curitiba, second place two points behind. In the event of Botafogo’s draw and Coxa’s defeat, the situation is going well because the Paraná team will need to score at least nine goals in the last round, ie: win by elimination and hopefully be Bota. Too crush.

flow: Globo, SportTV and Premiere. In Globo, narration is by Luis Roberto, with commentaries from Roger Flores and Paolo Nunes. On SporTV (for all of Brazil) and Premiere, Troy Renata Silvera, with PVC and Grafite.

Brazil de Pelotas – Coach: Gerson Testoni

The Xavante coach should reinforce the changes in the lineup, starting with the goal. Matthews Nogueira replaces Marcelo and plays his last game for the club, because he will not stay in 2022. On the left side, the coach should choose Paulinho, player of the job, instead of defender Heverton, who played off the beaten path in the matches against Coritiba and Guarani. Neto, however, continues to improvise on the right. In attack, Caio Rangel should win in place of Renateño.

Possible lineup: Matthews Nogueira Netto. Leandro Camilo, Ocarro, and Paulinho; Diego Gomez, Bruno Matias, Caio Rangel, Patrick and Reddo; erison.

Potential team of Brazil de Pelotas vs Botafogo – Photo: ge

  • embezzlement: Junior Vicosa, Kevin and Sousa (injured).
  • suspended: Ocarro, Hefferton, Vidal, Oliveira, Joao Sequeira, Realdo, Renatinho, Patrick, Cayo Rangel and Junior Vicosa.

Botafogo – Technician: Anderson Moreira

With access to the First Division secured, Botafogo is now chasing his second goal of the season: the Serie B title, which secures a place in the third stage of the Copa del Rey. Therefore, you will need a combination of results and there will be some absences: Hugo, Pedro Castro and Chai, the bearers of the Oberario match, are injured, and they will not be on the field. The trend is that Anderson Moreira doesn’t change the squad too often and promotes the input of Carlinhos, Barreto and Warley, with Marco Antonio drawn into the goalkeeper role.

Possible lineup: Diego Loreiro. Daniel Borges, Carly, Cano, and Carlinhos; Barreto, Yama and Marco Antonio; Diego Gonçalves, Warley and Rafael Navarro.

Potential team of Botafogo against Brazil de Pelotas – Photo: ge

  • embezzlement: Shay (pain in the peroneal tendons of the right leg), Hugo (pain in the right thigh) and Pedro Castro (injury to the medial collateral ligament of the right knee).
  • suspended: Diego Loreiro, Carlinhos, Diego Gonçalves, Marco Antonio, Pedro Castro, Romildo and Ronald.
  • Rule: Alison Sidney Furtado (TO)
  • Helper 1: Fabio Pereira (TO)
  • Helper 2: Cipriano da Silva Souza (TO)
  • Fourth ruling: Anderson da Silvera Farias (TO)
  • Video Arbitrator (VAR): Vinicius Forlan (SP)

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