February 25, 2024

Brazilians with debts of more than 5 years are receiving a major public alert

According to a survey conducted by the Credit Protection Service (SPC), currently in the country about 64 million Brazilian citizens are in default. At first, the largest number of In debt It focuses on the age group between 30 and 39 years, which is 23.99% of the total.

One of the reasons for this record increase in defaults is due to Economic crisis Due to the covid-19 pandemic. This has caused many people to lose their jobs, close businesses and increase the number of debts.

Likewise, people with dirty names are subject to various restrictions, such as the difficulty of obtaining a loan or loan, for example. these citizens In debt I don’t know what to do to clear their names and often wait Debts “expire”, after negative five years.

However, things are not quite like that. When a consumer fails to make payments relating to it Debts, the creditor company or individual, puts its name on credit protection services, such as Serasa or SPC. If necessary, they can also sue the debtor in court.

What happens to the debt after five years?

The debtor needs to know that after five years, his CPF leaves the lists rednecks From Serasa and SPC. In addition, after this period, the creditor loses the right to file a lawsuit in court. In short, even after 5 years, the consumer debt is still there.

Likewise, even After five years, the creditor still has the right to demand payment of the debt. However, he could do it extrajudicially. Therefore, debtors can receive calls, letters and any other means of communication where they are required to settle their debts.

Furthermore, this means that the debtors still have the responsibility to settle all of their debts, and the debt, in this case, doesn’t really “fall out”. According to the law, his obligation to the creditor ends only when he has paid in full the sums to which the creditor is then entitled.

So, ie religion Unpaid, even after five years, it continues to exist and the creditor has the right to impose fines and interest, which can significantly increase its total value.

Brazilians with debts of more than 5 years are receiving a major public alert. Image: Disclosure

Doubts about negligence

When faced with long-term debt, the ideal is for the consumer to seek it out Make a deal with your creditorThis is to reduce interest, pay off the debt in installments, or even obtain discounts. In fact, the relationship between the two parties has not yet been achieved, so that the company or the individual has the right to receive the amounts.

In the case of, for example, a person applying for a loan from a financial institution. When allocating the agreed amounts, the bank stipulates in the contract that the customer must implement it interest payments. If he doesn’t pay a portion, he’s defaulted.

Moreover, citizens are often unable to afford these costs and become heavily indebted. Even if five years have passed with a negative name, your CPF number is on file Cerasa and SPC, the values ​​to be normalized still exist. However, it cannot lead to a person’s denial.

In this way, a prescription religionThat is, you cannot collect it in court, that is, the creditor, according to the law, can no longer offer a collection operation. It should be noted that in this case, informal accusations are still possible. It is possible to alert the consumer about his situation.


Citizens In debt They should look for ways to settle their debts so that the amounts don’t snowball. There are auctions every year Serasa For the failure to pay people Debts With discounts of up to 90%, in addition to the possibility of paying in installments.

In conclusion, it is important that people are with Debts The arrears seek to speak to its creditors and reach an agreement. Both parties need to settle these debts soon, so it is possible to meet and find a compromise that will benefit both of them a lot.