June 13, 2024

Big surprise for Brazilians with Nubank card just came out today (03/26)

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Big surprise for Brazilians with Nubank card just came out today (03/26)

a nubank It is one of the largest digital banks in the country today. Through fintech, customers can count on many advantages and a series of financial services that make their daily lives easier. One of the most used functions by users is additional limit to Credit cardEspecially bill payments.

This functionality is not a recent fintech launch, but it is increasingly catching on to customers who are looking for ease when paying bills through the app.

Nubank Extra Limit

For customers who choose this function, the nubank It releases an additional amount on the credit card limit, exclusively for paying coupons. Thus, the user can use the card to pay bills, without compromising their regular limits.

According to the official information, the maximum value varies according to each customer’s profile. It is important to note that before releasing the resource, the digital bank performs a customer credit analysis. In addition, the supply is still limited and has been gradually made available to customers. direction nubank It is for the users to keep the app always updated.

How is the bill paid by credit card?

First, open your bank app and click on the ‘Payment’ tab. After that, you have to go to the “Pay the bill with credit card” option. Soon after, you can read barcodes with your cell phone’s camera or enter numbers manually.

Click the arrow to continue and if you want to split the amount, it’s time to enter the number of times you want to split. After choosing the number of times, click “Pay” and enter the card password. ready! I have paid.

And now that you know that It is possible to pay the bill with a Nubank credit cardYou can use this feature to collect points. Thus, you will earn cashback, as well as get out of the throttle on that hardest month!

What are Nubank Cards?

The digital bank offers users three credit card options, namely gold, platinum and ultraviolet radiation, each with special, unique conditions and very useful. So check out what they are and how to order them.

A big surprise for Brazilians who use the Nubank Card. Image: Disclosure.

Gold and Platinum cards

First, these two types of Card It is most requested by customers nubank. Both have many advantages, like 0 annual premiums, for example. However, the difference between the tools is exactly in the benefits available in each one.

On the Gold Card, customers can enjoy an extended warranty of up to one year, promotions on purchases made with the tool, prisoner insurance and protection, and protection on purchases from accidental damage or theft.

On the other hand, in the card PlatinumUsers can take advantage of travel advice, concierge services, international offers, car insurance, or medical emergencies while traveling, and exemption from corkage (customers do not pay for the first bottle of wine in restaurants).

The most used card on a daily basis by customers nubank It is in gold mode. However, for customers who travel a lot, Platinum is the better option.

UV card

the card ultraviolet It’s the newest available, however, and it’s already a hit. The gadget has a differentiation in its physical model, such as in the silver colour. In addition, it is this model that brings the greatest benefits to customers. The most important of them:

  • 1% cash back on credit purchases;
  • 200% return, if the amount is provided;
  • extended warranty on purchases;
  • insurance (price protection, shopping protection, baggage, travel);
  • VIP lounges at airports.
  • The monthly fee is 40% lower than other offerings on the market, in Black and Premium modes.

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