June 5, 2023

$100 company up to $25,000 in 2 days

a chat Never cease to be amazed. This time, a man announced, on Twitter, that he used an AI tool to build a company from scratch — with just $100. ChatGPT conceived the business idea, in addition to developing a name and website, a logo and content for a blog, as well as mentioning money management.

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As crazy as it may sound, in just two days, it has generated a $25,000 worth of company.


This entire movement was engineered by Jackson Greathouse Fall, an AI designer and enthusiast. He proposed on the latest version of the platform, for example, the challenge of converting 100 US dollars into the largest amount of money possible in a short time, without doing anything illegal.

In short, ChatGPT created a business plan that used a portion of the money to buy a flashy domain and pay monthly hosting costs for such content. From there, he suggested three lines of business: specialty kitchenware, items for pets or sustainable products.

Another point of the suggestions was to share articles about the business on social networks and relevant forums, using, for example, basic SEO techniques, important for content ranking on Google.

The creator chose the Sustainable Products branch and asked for a domain suggestion which, in this case, ChatGPT suggested EcoFriendlyFinds.com. With the proposal exceeding the budget, the tool introduced another human procurement field.

Then, Fall asked the tool for instructions on the logo, as well as generating images and text.

Multiply the values

The AI ​​enthusiast ended up going viral on Twitter step by step for his new business and thus, got an investor who gave him $100 to participate and another who contributed $500 to buy 2% of the company. . As a result, the company’s value jumped to $25,000 in market capitalization.

Finally, the founder of the company said that he would not accept new investors. The exception is the offer of “extremely favorable” terms.