June 13, 2024

Empiricus Investimentos Suggests 5 Stocks That Make Money In The Last Week Of March – Money Times

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Empiricus Investimentos Suggests 5 Stocks That Make Money In The Last Week Of March – Money Times
Empiricus Investimentos is looking for the best B3 stocks so that investors have the opportunity to seek gains in the last week of the month. (Image: Bloomberg)

a Wallet recommended who shares Empiricus Investments Again exceeding Ibovespa in a week.

Between March 20 and 24, portfolio shares fell 3.04%, while the main index of Brazilian scholarship The currency was devalued by 3.09%. The positive highlight was the behavior Embraer (EMBR3) which jumped 2.4% in the period.

To face the last week of March, Empiricus Investments has selected five major companies listed on the B 3 To search for the best opportunities short term gains.

a ecorodovias (ECOR3) is Empiricus Investimentos’ first choice for portfolio composition. According to the analyst Felipe VradinoMarch was one of excitement for the company, which is once again trading above the averages after a full month of February below them.

“Over the past week, even the 9 and 21 short MAs have broken the 200-period moving average as bullish volume support outperforms seller volume. Ecorodovias should continue making bullish tops and bottoms,” says Vradino.

The health sector is a “time balls” after six months of heavy losses. and the fluorescent (FLRY3) is an asset that has been scaled to capitalize on a game-changing factor in the sector. The stock closes the week above the short averages and the combat zone, at R$14.42.

In the last week of the month, if Fleury breaks R$14.90, the stock should continue to rise and who knows, maybe it will seek to bring down the last of the year’s highs of R$16.

Empiricus Investimentos sees a great deal of discounting in the financial sector, especially after the crisis triggered by US and Swiss banks Credit Suisse. In Brazil, the stock that should benefit the most from any potential recovery is Itisa (ITSA4).

With a beautiful inversion pattern called “round bottom”, the sugar paper (PCAR3) occupies the weekly portfolio, building less inclined funds until a bottom appears above the previous low.

The RSI and the Pão de Açúcar MACD are pointing to a new bullish trend soon, says equity analyst Empiricus Investimentos.

Close the list of five actions, and WEG (WEGE3It rises regularly and uses short moving averages as a path to new targets.

“When viewing the rectangle, you will reach R$42.30, which is exactly last year’s maximum for WEG,” he rated. Felipe VradinoAnalyst responsible for the weekly portfolio of Empiricus Investimentos.

Empiricus Investimentos Weekly Portfolio between March 27th and March 31st:

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