June 14, 2024

Britto Jr says the shooting of Myon was ‘fake’ and describes the director as a ‘stalker’

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Britto Jr says the shooting of Myon was 'fake' and describes the director as a 'stalker'

Brito Jr. He caused controversy on social media last Sunday (15) when talking about his departure Marcus Munj From RecordTV. The presenter of the program said on Twitter, that the announcer’s resignation was “forged”, and described the director of the radio, Rodrigo Carrelli, as a “harasser”.

“Grateful! I congratulate the Record Managers for having, oops, fired Mion. If it wasn’t for Prieto, he would have been there and wouldn’t be going to Globo.” A follower interacted with the journalist and asked if RecordTV should choose between Marcos Millon and Rodrigo Carrelli for the shooting, to which the journalist replied: “No. He has recorded art chaplains. And they don’t mess with it. .

“I see!!! The netizen replied, so Karelle takes and takes whoever he wants. No, he puts past friends and if there is a vacancy, he puts his close friends he wants to harass,” Brito Jr. added.

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