June 23, 2024

Biafra complains that she will need to change her name due to digital platforms

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Biafra complains that she will need to change her name due to digital platforms

’80s idol Biafra, 63, gave an interview to RecordTV’s “Domingo Espetacular” to talk about his career and personal life and explain why he had to make a new spelling change to his stage name.

With 40 years into his music career, Maurício Pinheiro Reis said the nickname was born out of bullying in his school days and remembered he changed the spelling of the name Biafra for the first time, in 1998, to be found online.

It was Biafra with the letter “i”. People started complaining when the internet came when they put Biafra in Africa. Biafra came up with the letter “I” from the thug at the time of that war in Africa, when images of these corpses arrived. I was so skinny, I could see my heart beating and they gave me the nickname Biafra at school. Then, I put it as a technical name, but when people searched on the Internet for Biafra with the letter “i”, it fell in Africa, and then this happened”NSfor Distinguishes.

However, after 23 years of change, the singer will need to go back to using the name with the “i” spelling because digital platforms identify another singer when searching for the name with the “y” spelling.

Now I’m going to have to go back to “i” because of the platforms. The algorithms realize that Byafra is with another “y” singer. So, we have to change everything again.

famous romantic singer

Throughout his career, Biafra released several hit songs such as “Your Name”, “Injured Lion” and “Helena”, gaining fame as a romantic singer. However, he says he was not responsible for the label.

look at me. I didn’t even choose this for me. I released my first album, there were several genres, and put a song in honor of my friend Helena. I started doing TV shows in the hall and the girls started screaming when they saw me. She became a romantic singer.

Curiosity of

The singer recalled the time he was shocked by a paratrooper while recording a video of the Chakrinha document. He said he became wanted all over Brazil because of a lie about him going to the hospital.

I started singing “fly, fly, climb, climb” and there was a voice paratrooper crazy there. He lost control, was training and fell on top of me. Then I had this fear and the guy was “bad, bad”. Soon, radio calls from all over Brazil started raining: ‘Oh, Biafra, I heard you had an accident and you feel unwell in hospital. What happened?’ Everyone was asking me that.


At 63 years old, Biafra is firing a cannon Song Especially in honor of his mother, Mrs. Diova Yvonne. She died last year from complications from COVID-19.

I recount the last moments when she was alive heading to the intensive care unit. I took that moment and tried to put it into a song that was so painful, I cried every time I listened to it. But it was a real moment. Art matches reality.

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