June 13, 2024

in the box! Tatá Werneck gives an exact answer to a netizen who described his daughter Clara Maria as “not funny”; paying off

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in the box! This Sunday (15), Tata Wernick He gave a more accurate answer to a netizen who decided to publish a post on Twitter that spoke badly about the presenter’s daughter, Clara Maria. The woman used the social network to express her opinion of the little girl, but she did not expect it to turn out like that of the actress.

I should be dead inside, because I don’t see the slightest blessing in Clara MariaHe said the tweet has now been deleted. “It is not for you to see the grace. He is just a child. She doesn’t even know you exist. I try to keep it away from soulless people like youTata replied.

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In the comments, most Internet users supported the position of the presenter. “No rope for these patients. It just comes to ban everyone. I hate it when I see you have to read this stuffOne person said. “They’ll talk about my daughter at the fucking house. Let this bastard dare to touch her name again! Talking bad about children should be very inhumaneWernick replied.

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Mom already said, Do you want to speak badly? Talk about the mother, but don’t touch anyone’s child’s name, because a person won’t know what it means to be human…“, fire another internet user.”Fortunately, I respect the distanceTata released.

Clara Maria is 1 year 10 months old and is the result of the comedian’s relationship with actor Rava Vetti. On social networks, Internet users like posts posted by the parents of the little girl, spreading their sympathy.

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