July 14, 2024

Narcisa Tamborideguy’s girlfriend says she played a ‘difficult game’ with Mick Jagger and lost to Luciana Jimenez

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Narcisa Tamborideguy's girlfriend says she played a 'difficult game' with Mick Jagger and lost to Luciana Jimenez
Narcisa Tamborideguy's girlfriend says she played a 'difficult game' with Mick Jagger and lost to Luciana Jimenez

Maria Eduarda Mayrinck, girlfriend of Narcisa Tamborindeguy, revealed on her TikTok account on Saturday (14/8) the day she missed the opportunity to be with Mick Jagger, the same day he met Luciana Jimenez.

“The year was 1999. One of my friends’ dad was dating a great friend of the band. They were going to have a concert in Brazil and stayed at my best friend’s dad’s house,” she began saying afterwards that she asked to be introduced to the Rolling Stones singer.

When I got close to the rocker, I decided to be joking. “I arrived at the entrance, right at the entrance, next to my friend’s father, Mick Jagger. I arrived at the pretend party. When I greeted Mick Jagger, I said, ‘Nice to meet you.'” Hope you guessed my name. “To meet you. I hope you guess my name”) “Chorus of Sympathy for Satan. Burst out laughing,” he explained.

I was shocked and said: Everyone doesn’t tell you that. He laughed and said: (No wonder). I walk around the party, the music starts and he pulls me into the dance. Put your legs between my legs. Pull me from my waist.

And she went on, “We’re out doing the biggest kicks. I said, ‘Okay, I’m going to hook up with Mick Jagger, I’m going to include this on my resume.'” “Three songs from thigh to thigh, I feel things in my private areas. I decided to play a tough match. And I said, ‘I’m going to the bathroom.’ I hate myself and I will never forgive myself.”

Then she said that she realized, on the way back, that she had lost the singer’s attention. “While this idiot goes to the bathroom to play hard ball. I go back and look and there are 30 around him. And he’s already dancing with this beautiful Luciana Jimenez. It’s over for me. I could have enjoyed a moment of glory, it was Lucas Jagger’s mother, because I didn’t want I never wanted to be a mother, but I let everything go away and I hate myself. They did everything they had to do and had a baby.”

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