February 2, 2023

C6 Bank clients get great news related to investments

C6 Bank has made available a new resource for investment. Learn more about the news!

a C6 bank Launch a new investment opportunity for digital bank customers. Now, clients can invest in international fixed income assets. Applications will be submitted through a C6 Global Invest account. In this way, it is possible to invest in four CDs, which are a type of CDB issued in the United States.

Thus, the new bonds seek to diversify the investors’ investment portfolio, in addition to protecting the dollar.

According to Igor Rongel, Head of Investments at C6 Bank, the new investment in international assets is a way to expand the offering of investment tools on the platform, and to maintain security through low-risk applications.

C6 Bank offers four fixed-rate bonds

In general, C6 Bank will provide four fixed-rate securities abroad to digital bank customers. Thus, it will be possible to invest in CDs with maturities of 30, 60, 90 and 180 days. Customers will only be able to get refunds on the due date.

Initial investment amounts through the C6 Global Invest account will start at $2,000. For C6 Bank Global Account, an initial deposit of $500 is required, and subsequent transfers require a minimum of $100.

According to the digital bank, investing abroad should, initially, be done with advice from the institution itself.

In an interview with Valor Investe, Rongel mentioned the importance of offering safe investments in the midst of increasing risk aversion by investors.

“Because the market is volatile, people are more risk averse. So there was this demand coming from the customers themselves. Initially, we will issue bonds with four short maturities. After that, we will assess demand and commitment and we will be able to issue more,” said the chief. investments.

However, although investments in fixed income are low risk, the US CD, offered by C6 Bank, does not contain FGG (Fundo Garantidor de Créditos), a Brazilian fund that protects investments with a payment of up to R$250,000 invested .

The yield is tied to the US interest rate

C6 The Bank’s new investments in international fixed-income assets have returns tied to US interest rates. However, for Brazilian investors, profitability can be evaluated in dollars, since assets are invested in US currency.

C6 Bank already offers several types of investments. Currently, customers of the digital bank can invest in mutual funds and hedge funds of well-known managers or in NYSE-traded stocks such as ADRs, ETFs, and REITs.

Photo: Diego Tomazini / shutterstock.com