December 3, 2023
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CAIXA issues up to R$100,000 to those whose names are dirty

After the pandemic, many Brazilians have found themselves in a vulnerable position, and they need additional funds to rebuild the financial district. In this sense, bank loans can help a lot.

The Federal Savings Bank It offers loans of up to 100 thousand Brazilian reais, with preferential terms for passive citizens. The credit method is performed using the Caixa pledge.

According to Caixa credit line rules, in order to receive the loan amount, the contractor must leave some valuable assets as collateral for payment. The minimum amount to be provided for the loan is R$50,000 and the maximum is R$100,000. However, it is important to note that the amount awarded may vary according to the asset to be pledged.

In this mode, evaluate FGTS Can also be kept (Service Time Guarantee Fund) as a guarantee of payment.

It is important to note that in order to contract the loan, the bank does not conduct a credit analysis in institutions such as Serasa, SPC and others. Therefore, even with the incorrect name, the client of the bank can carry out contracting procedures and have access to the values.

Among the items that can be pawned: watches, silverware, first-class pens, jewelry and, as previously mentioned, FGTS. The thing of value must be handed over to the institution at the time of contracting, and it is returned only upon settlement of the debt.

How do I apply for a credit of up to 100,000 BRL?

First, it is necessary for the contracting party to have a commodity that can be used as collateral. If you have one, check out the Caixa Econômica branch that offers the credit method, being the closest to you. Once this is done, go to the bank and present your ID document, CPF and proof of address.

At that time, it will be necessary to inform you of your desire to contract with the Caixa Pledge Credit Program. Remember that the item to be placed as collateral must be taken for evaluation.

Thus, if the asset meets the criteria according to the category, the institution will sign the loan contract. It should be noted that the number of installments and the method of payment will be determined at that time with the customer.

However, if the escrow is FGTS, the Caixa branch manager must perform a calculation to determine the amounts and terms of payment. With all the steps completed, the bank will deposit the funds.

FGTS Warranty

The Separation Compensation Fund (FGTS), where Caixa acts as the payment manager, can also be used to guarantee loan repayment. In this case, the problem of defaulting on installments is solved by direct withdrawal from the FGTS of the corresponding amount of debt.

In this form, the amount awarded is 10% of the available balance in the fund account and 40% of the penalty in case of unfair dismissal.

To order, the company must have joined the service. In this case, the citizen should contact the Personnel Department (DP) or the Human Resources (HR) sector for more information.

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