June 20, 2024

Learn more about the Anniversary Loot Scam

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Recently, the federal government has dedicated itself to releasing resources linked to Service Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS) in order to move the Brazilian economy. In this way, some types of withdrawal were launched, such as Extraordinary Saque and Anniversary Saque for FGTS.

at the moment, Allow anniversaries loot That workers make annual withdrawals that can range from 5% to 20% of the amount available in guarantee fund. Although withdrawing these resources may be beneficial to some citizens, many criminals have taken advantage of this method to implement scams.

Learn more about the Anniversary Loot Scam

The blow involving Anniversary withdrawal of FGTS is quite similar to that applied by criminals in Saque Extraordinário. What happens, most of the time, is that victims only end up discovering that their money was stolen when they try to make a withdrawal and realize that the resources are no longer available.

Workers often end up discovering that the funds have been transferred to an unknown account and that all the information is associated with a strange email address. In such cases, the Federal Savings Bank Victims are recommended to file an appeal directly with an agency of the foundation.

In addition to the appeal In Caixa branchthe victims must provide a Incident Report (BO) that can be done online or at the police station. Finally, once the BO agent is registered, it is necessary to take the document to the Caixa branch so that the crime can be investigated.

Despite the situation causing great concern to the victims, it is important to inform that in cases where the challenge is valid, the Money is refunded To calculate the working FGTS. In order to ensure the safety of customers, in these cases, all information in the Caixa system is updated, so it is necessary to enter a new email address and phone number.

FGTS withdrawal method

The FGTS Anniversary Withdrawal Method is an alternative that allows workers to withdraw part of the FGTS balance guarantee fund, in the month of their birth. It is important to know that, for this, citizens need to apply through the Caixa website, app or online banking.

To join this method from FGTS withdrawal It is necessary to meet certain requirements such as: be over 18 or emancipated, be in reimbursement status with Caixa and have no CPF restrictions.

In addition to the above criteria, in order to join the Saque-Aniversário, it is important that citizens have sufficient credit to do so, respecting the minimum amount of R$2,000 for employment. On Internet Banking or CAIXA تطبيق app Employment simulation can be done.

As mentioned earlier, although the method is useful for some workers, the number of frauds involving FGTS It is increasing every day. Therefore, it is important to be careful when providing personal and banking information on the Internet, as well as to be aware and to use only official Caixa channels to obtain information about Saque-Aniversário.

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